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Instaprint’s Cook Club Blogger Recipe Swap

A little while ago, I was contacted by Instaprint asking if I would like to submit a recipe to their cook club. I very quickly sent back my chicken & spinach curry recipe which has been a family favourite for a few years now and then promptly forgot about it.

A few weeks later, a gorgeous recipe tin arrived filled with not only my recipe, but lots of lovely recipes from fellow bloggers. I loved seeing my recipe in print on actual card in the lovely tin. It looked so much different to how it looks online. I was immediately very excited and set about deciding which of the wonderful recipes I was going to cook. My choice of recipes was:

I was very tempted to make the chorizo mac ‘n’ cheese, the chicken thigh risotto, the chocolate brownies and the caramel nibble cookies, however pregnancy exhaustion and time constraints meant I went back to my old favourite, chicken and spinach curry (without the spinach – I forgot to buy any LOL!!) I do have plans to make the recipes in the New Year once the baby had arrived and my energy levels are more back to normal. I look forward to adding more recipes into the tin in the new year and will make cooking my fellow blogger’s recipes a top priority.

Many thanks to Instaprint for sending me the recipe tin and recipe cards. I have been introduced to a few new bloggers in the process. If you would like to make your own recipe cards similar to mine, then please see here.

Disclosure: I was sent the recipe tin and recipe cards free of charge. No payment was received. All opinions are my own.


I am a Naughty Blogger!


Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in between posts again. Life is still crazy at the moment as I adjust to being a part time working mummy for the first time. I have a confession to make…

I am a naughty blogger! I have been invited to lots of events, courses and been sent lots of lovely things to review but I have not told you about any of it. I have the world’s biggest backlog of posts at the moment and I am determined to get through it before I go insane.

Therefore I have decided that I am going to get through this backlog over the coming weeks and months. Whenever you see the ‘I’m a naughty blogger’ badge above on a post, you will know that it is a post I should of written and published ages ago. I would like to apologise to everyone who has sent me something or asked me to go somewhere and I have not written about it yet. I hope you will forgive me. I have also got lots of recipes to share with you too so this blog will not turn into review post central. I am going to try to get the balance right.

Thank you for keeping on reading Jo’s Kitchen. Your support is greatly appreciated :-)

Happy 3rd Birthday!

I have been blogging for three years today. I do not know where the time has gone. It only seems like yesterday when I started. It has flown by. I have had many amazing experiences and met some fantastic people. I know my posting has been a bit haphazard over the last year or so and I can only apologise, especially to those people who have invited me somewhere or sent me something. I am slowly getting through the list. It will take me some time but I will catch up in the end.

Thank you to my lovely readers. Your comments are always appreciated on here and through Twitter/Facebook.  I usually do a giveaway to celebrate the blog birthday and I will have one up on the blog in the next couple of weeks or so. I look forward to keep sharing my cooking adventures with you. I have a couple of exciting things in the pipeline and new adventures planned. I will be starting to cook for Thomas soon and we are hopefully moving house too so I will have a new kitchen to play with!

Thank you again for reading Jo’s Kitchen. I hope to be here blogging for many more years to come :-)

Happy Cooking!

I’m still here!

Hello everyone. I am sure you are beginning to think I have disappeared into thin air or have lost my blogging mojo completely. Well I can ensure you that this is not the case.

I have got lots of great things to tell you about but I have not had the time to tell you about them. Since Christmas, Thomas has virtually stopped sleeping at all during the day and when he goes to bed at night, all we have time for is dinner, a bit of tv and then bed ourselves. I want to blog but do not feel I can give it the time it deserves at the moment. I am hoping this will change in the next month or so as we are moving Thomas into his own room and making efforts to make him sleep through the night. I will be back to my normal blogging schedule asap and I appreciate your patience at this time.

Thank you for reading Jo’s Kitchen :-)

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