Mini Love Heart Pizzas

Mini Love heart pizzas

Here I am late again! I intended on posting these on Thursday or Friday last week but I did not get chance too. However, who says Valentines Day is the only time you can cook a heart shaped item for your loved one. What about the rest of the year? As I mentioned in my previous … [Read more...]

Kitchen Nuggets January 2015


Nearly every week, lots of things pass through my kitchen to be sampled, tasted and tested. Many of these things are excellent but are unable to sustain a whole blog post on their own. Therefore, here is my solution showing you little 'nuggets' of stuff you may want to try in … [Read more...]

Spooky Carrot Soup and Soup Maker Review


This post is slightly belated but this recipe will be great if you are having a bonfire night party this coming weekend or you can make it at anytime of year without the spooky bit! Pumpkins are the main source of everyone's enthusiasm at this time of year and although they look … [Read more...]