Hairy Bikers #bloggersknowbest No. 4

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Welcome to the fourth month of the Hairy Bikers #bloggersknowbest recipe linky and the first of 2014. The Hairy Biker's have a new series and new cookbook out this month too. They have been travelling around Asia and I cannot wait to see what adventures they have been put up too. You can pre-order their new book on Amazon here. (Affiliate link)

To keep things simple and to hopefully encourage more people to take part, the rules are now simply this:

  1. Link up new or blog post(s) with a Hairy Biker recipe in it. The post can be included in the linky as long as a link to this post is included in it and the badge below is displayed on it
  2. Please do not write out the recipe in full on the post unless you have made adaptations and the recipe is in your own words. Plenty of the recipes are available online so please link to them according.
  3. I will pin, retweet (on tweets using the hashtag #bloggersknowbest and including @Jos_Kitchen if possible too) and comment on every post in the linky
  4. You can submit the post to other linkies as long as the other linky allows it

This linky is open from 4th January at 7am to the 4th February at 7am GMT

Happy cooking!! I cannot wait to see what recipes you cook :-)

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Disclosure: there is an affiliate link in this post. I will earn a few pence if you click on it and then purchase. There is no added cost to you involved.


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