Films and Food – The Perfect Combination

The cinema experience is something we all love. The thrill of watching a new film is hard to ignore … and so are the treats. From hotdogs and nachos to the classic cinema combination of popcorn, fizzy drinks and sweets, there are plenty of treats to keep you content throughout your film.

The problem with all this? The price of course

According to numerous investigations, cinema snacks are given a hefty mark-up before they go on sale to the public. The Daily Record issued a report in May 2013 which looked at the true cost of a family day out and suggested cinema popcorn may be subject to a mark-up of as much as 700% seeing as kernels cost pennies while a regular box of sweet or salted popped goodies is likely to cost the average punter £4.50.

Hardly surprising that in July 2011 The Daily Mail reported that around 90% of movie-goers felt popcorn was too expensive!

The solution

So what’s the solution for those looking to get the most out of their films without paying through the nose for it? Taking your own snacks is always an option but not all cinemas are happy about this protocol. You can avoid snacking altogether while enjoying a new release but that detracts from the overall enjoyment and can make a three-hour epic that much harder to stomach.

Another option is to avoid the cinema altogether and enjoy films from the comfort of your own home. With plenty of movie rental services now available online, not to mention the great selection of TV Packages for digital TV which include film channels and subscriptions, you don’t need to travel to the cinema to find great films.

Whatever type of film you’re interested in, you’re sure to find something worth watching. All you need then is the snacks … and here are some of our favourite film food recipes.

Homemade popcorn

Whether you have your own popcorn machine and kernels or buy microwaveable bags to pop in a couple of minutes, homemade popcorn always tastes best. Give this snack some extra flavour by mixing in chocolates and sweets to make your own sugary combination. Marshmallows work particularly well and can even melt a little if you get them hot enough but chocolate buttons and gummy sweets are other favourites.


A simple and easy recipe to make, all you need here is a few bags of the classic crisps, a few dips and plenty of cheese. Melt the cheese so that it’s nice and gooey and covers the nachos. Then arrange your dips at the side and enjoy!

Pick ‘n’ mix

If you want to bring the cinema experience to your front room without any compromises then making your own pick ‘n’ mix stand is a must. Children are sure to be a fan of this idea and it’s relatively easy to put together.

Arrange plastic containers with different sweets in your kitchen or dining room and send everyone round with a small paper bag to fill up. You can even use kitchen spoons to replace the plastic scoops.

You can also use this idea when creating your own ice-cream treats. Give everyone a bowl to fill up with their favourite flavour ice-cream and then send them round the pick ‘n’ mix stand to add their favourite toppings. Make sure you include plenty of source options and wafers too!;

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