Christmas Dinner Disaster!

Yorkshire Pudding Aliens!

Last year, I had a bit of a disaster with Christmas dinner. The Yorkshire Pudding recipe that I have used for the last few years failed on me for the first time ever! They looked and tasted more like muffins than Yorkshire puddings.Not one of my finest moments. My husband said they looked like Aliens and has teased me about ever since.

This year, I will be cooking Christmas dinner at nearly 38 weeks pregnant. Am I mad? Probably. Although I would rather be cooking in the kitchen then running around after a hyper two year old on Christmas day.  I will leave this to my husband, my Dad, Mother in Law and my Nan. This year, I am taking a few little shortcuts and letting Aunt Bessie’s Roast Dinner dishes take some of the strain, especially for my Yorkshire Puddings after last year’s error. I also cooking a turkey crown instead of a whole turkey as they are quicker to cook. I was the only person up at 7am on Christmas day last year as I had to start the turkey cooking. I want to still be in bed sleeping this time. We are also not going to have Christmas pudding afterwards either. I always buy one and no one ever eats it. This time we are just having ice cream which I know everyone likes. All these little shortcuts will make cooking Christmas dinner much easier for me. I just hope that cooking Christmas dinner this time does not bring on Labour!!!

Disclosure: There is a sponsored link and video in this post. However the story is true and all words are my own.

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