Cook Up a Hot New Look For Your Kitchen

Are you fed up of looking at the same cabinets and worktops? Or perhaps you’re looking for something more convenient for your kitchen design? Do you have a little one that you now need to consider? Maybe you have been putting off a new kitchen for years? Whatever your reasons for wanting to give your kitchen a lift, take a look at these hot new looks for 2013 and find one that’s right up your street.


As you might expect, one of the hottest looks for your kitchen is a contemporary and modern style. However, it seems that contemporary with a country twist is becoming a real favourite.

Whatever design you go for, neutral colours are the key. Not only are whites, greys, off-whites and natural wood right on trend, but they also prevent you having to redecorate again in the near future.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match either. If you don’t want a brilliant white kitchen but think that grey will be too dull, think about a range of colours for your cabinetry. Add a splash of colour to your neutral background with accessories or tiling.

Solid worktops

With the economy having a major influence on the way people are thinking, it seems that longevity and durability is also an important factor. As such, solid and stone worktops have been revived with quartz and concrete leading the way.

Wooden flooring

Does your kitchen linoleum date back to the 70s? If you want to go the whole hog and replace the flooring during your kitchen remodel then opt for hardwood flooring. This trend is seeing washed and lighter shades becoming more popular so keep things light and airy.


Struggling for that focal point? How about a stylish deep bowl sink to complete the look? It seems like our pots and pans have grown over recent years, so a sink with a deep bowl will give you practicality but remain cutting edge. Homeowners are also ditching the double sink in favour of just one deep bowl. Again, stainless steel is the preferred material due to its durability, but there are always other options.

Built-in appliances

Now is definitely the time to invest in that new cooker or fridge-freezer as built-in appliances are all the rage. Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware that space is a priority so streamline your new kitchen with built-in appliances that fit seamlessly into your home.

If you want a new look and style without the hefty price tag, keen an eye on Betta Living’s kitchen offers and see if you could save on your dream design.

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