Best Soft Drinks To Give Your Kids

We all want the best for our kids’ health and the earlier we start them on a healthy diet, the better. Not only is this essential for your children’s, healthy growth and development, it also instils in them the benefits of consuming good food early on.

Of course this is easier said than done! There is seemingly endless choice out there on the shelves for kids when it comes to processed food and drink. Still, you can’t give up the fight against all that temptation!

If you are looking for some healthy beverage alternatives for children, here are a few ideas.


Being so rich in calcium, this age-old drink contributes to building strong and healthy bones and is also a good source of vitamin D which helps bone health.

Milk also contains vitamin A and a few B vitamins – giving it even greater health benefits for growing bodies. Research says that the former is good for growth and eyesight while the latter supports the nervous system, muscles and heart.

Natural soft drinks

There has been an explosion in the natural soft drinks market and for good reason. Consumers have long been concerned about how diet affects their health and this is starting to reach food and drink which, traditionally, has undergone a great deal of processing.

Zeo is a soft drink made with all natural ingredients from its carbonated water to its sweeteners. What is Zeo? Presently this pleasant soft drink comes in three flavours which include health-supporting herbs and fruits.

The advantage of natural soft drinks is not just that they are a great deal better for children all round; they also show kids that there are choices to the processed variety.

Water, water everywhere

We all know that water makes up the majority of our body content and is one of the best drinks we can consume. This goes for kids as well as adults. Water keeps children’s bodies functioning properly by aiding digestion and proper blood circulation. H2O also helps regulate the temperate of the body and carries nutrients and oxygen to body cells.

Fruity stuff

Fruit juices are another favourite for kids. The key here is to select products which are 100% fruit juice instead of the sweetened variety.

Apart from being better for weight control, they also contain more nutrients. The Food Standards Agency can provide advice on drinks and nutrition – visit fsa in the UK for more information.

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