Afternoon Tea at Hotel La Tour, Birmingham

Birmingham shoppers are in for a treat this summer if they want a relaxed and classy break from their shopping. Hotel La Tour on Albert Street, near Moor Street station is offering Afternoon Tea every day between 2-5pm for £18.95 per person. To have a glass of champagne with your afternoon tea it is £27.95 per person. I went along to sample the afternoon tea last week and I was very impressed. It is well worth the money. My dining companion  and I were so full after our afternoon tea that we did not need any dinner later on in the evening.

La Tour Afternoon tea 1

 The first layer of the afternoon tea contained a selection of sandwiches. In our selection, there was Coronation Chicken, ham and tomato, cucumber and mint and smoked salmon with cream cheese. We were both very impressed with the freshness of the bread and the choice of sandwiches offered. My favourite was the Coronation chicken, however the ham and tomato sandwich was a very close second. It is such a simple combination but it tasted really good and the quality of the ingredients really showed through. Also, on the first layer was a rarebit dip made with grilled cheese, mustard and Purity UBU ale, served alongside crisp bread sticks. I really had to restrict myself with this dip as it is really delicious and I knew if I ate lots of it, I would not have room for anything else afterwards. I could eat it by the bucket load.  Fortunately, you get the rarebit dip as a bar snack which I shall be ordering the next time I go to Hotel La Tour.

La Tour Afternoon tea 2

 The second layer contained two fruit scones and two plain scones served with generous amounts of strawberry jam and clotted cream. The scones were very crumbly and were served warm. There was barely a crumb left on our plates once we had eaten them.

La Tour Afternoon tea 3

 On the bottom layer, there was a selection of small desserts and petit fours. Hotel La Tour is well known for its excellent patisserie and I was excited to see what today’s selection was. It included, freeze dried strawberries and dark chocolate macaron, lemon cake, raspberry and dark chocolate jammie dodger and cucumber and strawberry pana cotta. My favourite out of all of them was the lemon cake.  It was light and full of citrus and really refreshed the tastebuds.  I enjoyed the jammie dodger too but thought the top biscuit was a tiny bit too thick for my taste.

La Tour Afternoon tea 5La Tour Afternoon tea 4

To drink with our afternoon tea, my companion and I had a tea pot each of High Iced Tea which is fruit tea bags served  with iced water. There are a variety of different flavours to choose from and they are really refreshing on a hot summer’s day. We also tried a limited edition ‘Little Prince’ cocktail which was made with Slipsmith Gin, passionfruit vodka, passionfruit syrup, Earl Grey syrup and a tiny bit of pasteurised egg white, which is mixed together in a cocktail shaker. Due to being pregnant, I only tried a little bit of the cocktail however my companion can confirm that it is very refreshing and is a drink that you could drink a great deal of and then forget how to use your legs later on!!

Many thanks to Sue and the team for a wonderful time at Hotel La Tour. I look forward to going back there soon

Disclosure: we dined as guests of Hotel La Tour




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  1. Wonderful review, have heard such wonderful things about La Tours High Tea that I wanted to save it for a special occaison, but feel I may not stick to that!

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