Meal Planning Monday- 18th February 2013


Bit late with the meal plan again this week. Took Thomas swimming yesterday and had no energy after. I just about managed to cook us a curry for dinner but that was it.

I left the weekend blank on last week’s meal plan as we were having a meat and vegetables delivery from Farmison & Co. I was very impressed with the quality of the meat and vegetables that we were sent. Over the weekend, we have beef burgers with potato wedges on Saturday night and on Sunday, we had a roast chicken dinner. See the pictures below for what I made. I have put some of the meat in the freezer so it will feature in my meal plans over the coming weeks. This week we are having:

Monday: leftover roast chicken curry with rice and naan breads

Tuesday: vegetable soup (made with the veg from the Farmison delivery) and bread

Wednesday: takeaway

Thursday: salmon, new potatoes and salad

Friday: night out with Stuart at Wing Yip’s Chef of the Year Awards ceremony

Saturday: hoi sin and garlic chicken, served with rice (one of these stick everything in bag and leave it in an oven to cook things – never tried one before!)

Sunday: some kind of roast at my Nan’s in Bewdley

For more meal plans, please see Mrs M’s linky



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