Meal Planning Monday – 11th February 2013


I thought the snow had left us but obviously not! Roll on spring! I am already dreaming of eating my first asparagus spear or six. I am going to be a bit flexible with this week's meal plan as the hubby is working some evenings at work this week so on the days I am at work, we may only see each other for an hour or so in the evening before he goes out again.
Monday: Chilli con carne, rice and garlic bread (did not have it last week)
Tuesday: Pancakes (cooked by hubby – I am absolutely useless at making them!!)
Wednesday: Chicken nuggets/scampi and chips
Thursday: Chinese takeaway
Friday: Lasagne and salad
Saturday and Sunday: I am leaving these open as we are having a meat and veg box from Farmison delivered on Friday and as I do not know what it will contain I do not want to plan anything.
For more meal plans, please see Mrs M's linky


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