Fridge Raid for Go Green Week 2013!

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You may remember that a couple of years ago, I did a cookery demonstration for Go Green Week. You can see the video of what I got up to here. Well this year, I am doing another one for the students where I work at the University of Worcester.


This year, the theme of my cookery demonstration is how to use up leftovers. A video is going to be made of it again so you can see it on the blog soon. I am still trying to decide what to cook for the students and I really need your help with the following questions:

What did you have leftover in your fridge when you were a student?

What kind of things did you or would you cook with them?

I only have two gas rings to cook with so please keep this is mind. I am producing a recipe leaflet for the students so will add in any recipes that need a grill or an oven there.

Your help in this is greatly appreciated as always.

Thanks everyone! :-)

PS: You can follow all the action on Twitter using the hashag #fridgeraid

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5 responses to “Fridge Raid for Go Green Week 2013!

  1. I always had eggs, milk, cheese and yoghurt in my fridge. In our freezer we had mixed vegetables, meat or fish of some description and vodka. In the storecupboard I always had lentils, pasta, rice, curry paste and tinned tomatoes. We had cabonara, curries, macaroni cheese, bolognese and soups. All were inexpensive, quick to make and fairly decent nutrition-wise too.

  2. I had milk, cheese, butter carrots onions and potatoes in the fridge, eggs, tinned tomatoes, lentils flour pasta, sugar,jam from home and rice in the store cupboard. Nothing so advanced as a freezer, though I think we kept frozen peas in the icebox! We had a cooking collective (6 of us cooked a two course meal once a week for the other 5) so we ate VERY well and very cheaply. although I still remember the baked bean lasagne…there were a few disasters! I’ve just posted my pancake post – I can remember regularly making pancakes after we had been to the bar because they were v cheap and quick to make and you could top with just sugar or a dollop of home made jam for an easy snack.

  3. Eggy bread! Very good for hangovers.

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