Meal Planning Monday 7th January 2013


Another week gone already! Where is the time going? I pretty much stuck to my meal plan last week, I just swapped the fish stew and the paella around otherwise we would of had rice two days in a row. I did not do do a roast dinner yesterday, I cooked beef stew in the slow cooker instead. Here are a couple of pictures of the food I cooked last week so you can see I am actually cooking what I say I am!!


Flashy Fish Stew from Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals

Beef Stew


Here is what I am cooking this week:

Monday: Salmon, new potatoes and salad

Tuesday: Chicken Kiev, new potatoes and salad

Wednesday: Soup and bread

Thursday: Cinema and meal out with hubby

Friday: Takeaway

Saturday: Fish, chips and mushy peas

Sunday: Roast Chicken Sunday Lunch


For more meal plans, please see Mrs M's linky


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6 responses to “Meal Planning Monday 7th January 2013

  1. That Paella looks fab!
    Lots of lovely meals, enjoy your movie – what are you going to see? x

  2. Yum, what a lovely plan!

  3. Lovely meals – enjoy your cinema trip and meal out! x

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  5. God, I love fish, chips and mushy peas – must be one of the best dinners ever! Thanks for joining in.

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