River Cottage Rocks!: Christmas – My Entry

Here is my entry to River Cottage Rocks! And the theme this month is Christmas. I have been going through lots of turkey this week, like many of you and to finish off the last of the turkey, I decided to make a curry. I have blogged my curry recipe on here before. However, as the family was coming round I decided I wanted to make something to go with it. I settled on this lentil Dhal from River Cottage Veg Everyday. My recipe does not change much from Hugh's recipe except that I did not soak the lentils and I added garam Marsala and ground coriander to the spice mix. My whole family loved this dish and I am sure I will make it again!

Did you make anything from River Cottage this festive season? Don't forget to enter it into River Cottage Rocks! All you need to do is blog about it, add the badge below and let me know about it and I will add you into the round up. :-)




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