Meal Planning Monday: 10th December 2012


I can't believe I am onto my third week of meal planning already. Mondays keep coming round very quickly. We are still sticking to the meal plans so let's hope it continues. Here is what we are eating this week:


Monday: Soup

Tuesday: Jacket potatoes with cheese and beans

Wednesday: I am going out for an Indian meal so Stuart is getting a takeaway too

Thursday: Homemade pizzas

Friday: Eating out tonight

Saturday: A night on the town so eating out again

Sunday: Possibly a roast dinner of some description if I am not too hungover!!!


For more meal plans please see Mrs M's Linky


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  1. Edith Flounce says

    How refreshing to find a meal plan such as this rather, than those pretentious ones you find all over the web, blathering on about “themes”, or calorific content, or planning to a budget. Why on earth people don’t just follow your example and tell us what they’re having for their tea a week in advance is beyond me. Have you thought about doing a breakfast plan too. Perhaps I could get you started with mine.
    Mon: Toast
    Tues: Tost
    Weds: Toast
    Thurs: Toast
    Friday: Findus Crispy Pancakes on Toast
    Saturday: Toast
    Sunday: Free day Go CRAZY!!!!!!!

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