Christmas Dinner Ideas from Farmers Choice

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Christmas is only 54 days away and at this time of year, my thoughts turn to who am I inviting to Christmas dinner and what I am going to cook. Fortunately, Farmers Choice have lots of Christmas dinner ideas to sort this out for you. You could go for the traditional turkey but then the questions come about how you would like it prepared; crown, boned and rolled, just the turkey breast or whole. I always cook a whole free range turkey at Christmas but do fancy a change this year. I could have duck, goose, a three bird roast or even a whole salmon from Farmers Choice and if I ordered one of their hampers, I would have enough meat to see me through the festive season and beyond.

Although, I say I would like to change my Christmas dinner this year with a different type of meat, I am my Nan and my in-laws would probably argue with me and say they just want turkey. I have a couple of weeks before I order the meat to change their minds. Wish me Luck!

This is a sponsored post

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