Product Review: Domino’s Pizza Gourmet Range

Recently, I was invited to review Domino’s new gourmet pizza range. As I love pizza and can have moments of complete and utter laziness when it comes to cooking, we do order pizza home delivery occasionally in our house. In my opinion, it will never beat home-made pizza but when you just want an easy night in front of the TV, it is ideal for a treat.

For our pizza feast, we invited my sister and her boyfriend round as they are great pizza lovers too and will never turn down a takeaway. After much decision making, we ordered:

1x Triple Bonanza deal:

  • Large (13.5″) Four Seasons
  • Large (10 slices) Meatilicious
  • Large (10 slices) Americano

2x Twisted Dough Balls Cheese & Herb

1x Gourmet Garlic Bread

1x Small (6 slices) Original Cheese & Tomato

2x Domino’s Cookies

1x 500mL tub Ben & Jerry’s – Chocolate Fudge Brownie

1x 500mL tub Ben & Jerry’s – Cookie Dough

The total cost of our order came to £66.40 which I know is quite expensive but we did get loads of pizza and lots of dessert too.

The new Gourmet range consists of three pizzas called the Firenze, Florentine and Rustica. The Firenze is topped with Ventricina Salami, Pepperoni and Peruvian Roquito Peppers and the Florentine is topped with Baby Spinach, SunBlush Baby Plum Tomatoes and Greek Feta Cheese while the Rustica is topped with Chicken breast strips, smoked bacon rashers, baby spinach and SunBlush baby plum tomatoes. All the pizzas come on a thin crust base. As I could not decide which pizza I wanted to try, I had the Four Seasons pizza which includes a quarter each of the Firenze, Florentine and Rustica, with a quarter Sunblush baby tomatoes. I was very impressed with the Four Seasons Pizza. It was very fresh tasting and full of flavour. One disappointing aspect for me was that it seemed a bit dry and needed a bit more sauce or something to liven it up.

We were very impressed with the dough balls and the gourmet garlic bread. They were both full of cheesy garlic deliciousness. Once we got to the last dough ball, I did think a fight was going to break out over who got it but fortunately that didn’t happen. Stuart and my sister’s boyfriend both loved their pizzas as you can see, they had already started tucking into them before I took the photos.  I have secret obsession with Domino’s cookies which are freshly baked as you order them and although they look small and unimpressive for the price tag, I can ensure that they are worth every penny!

We ordered at about 8.15pm on a Saturday night via their website and our order turned up within the hour. Unfortunately, half our order was forgotten (basically the ice cream and the cookies) but once we alerted them to the fact, the delivery driver was back within 20 minutes with the rest of our order and a complimentary garlic bread for the inconvenience.

Overall, we were very impressed with Domino’s pizzas and their delivery service. We will most certainly use them again, especially when my next cookie fix strikes! :-)

Disclosure: I was invited to order from Domino’s and review their new Gourmet Range. Our pizza feast was complimentary, however all opinions are my own. 

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  1. sally hiller says

    i always find dominos best in our area of bow tried others but always return friendly staff deliver or pick up salads would be nice we make our own to compliment pizzas also not keen on their coleslaw

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