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Jo Cooks: Saturday Kitchen Omelette Challenge

In June I took part in the Saturday Kitchen Omelette Challenge  in part of the lead up to the BBC Summer Good Food Show. James Day of Eat The Midlands filmed me doing the challenge and he has kindly let me put on the blog so you can all have a laugh at my expense!

Many thanks to Ginny for inviting me to take part and to James for filming the action taking place. It is much appreciated :-)

Indoor BBQ Fun with Farmer’s Choice Free Range Meat

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This summer has not been brilliant for BBQ’s. I think we have managed one the entire summer which is a shame as my family and I love nothing more than firing up the BBQ and cooking some good quality meat, opening a few beers and having a good laugh together. If September is warm and dry, then we may be able to squeeze another one or two in if we are lucky.

However, even if the weather is not very good, you can still cook up some BBQ classics indoors with the aid of a griddle pan or a grill and some good quality free range meat that is delivered straight to your door from Farmer’s Choice. Why not try sausages marinated in honey and mustard to liven up your hot dogs or garlic and herb chicken thighs and if you want to try something different, Farmer’s Choice sell Rosẻ Veal Escalope’s which cook quickly on the BBQ/griddle pan and are sure to go down a storm with your friends.  Even if you are not feeling creative, a good quality free range sausage or burger cooked to perfection will still show your friends who is master of the BBQ. Don’t worry about the weather, just invite your friends round, eat some free range meat cooked on the BBQ and have a great time!

This is a sponsored post

Macmillan Cancer Support and Silver Spoon – Little Local Hero Awards

On the 28th of September this year the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is going to be taking place. This is a fantastic one day fundraising event hosted by Macmillan Cancer Support to raise money for people with lives affected by cancer.

Silver Spoon, the homegrown sugar people, are the official sugar sponsor for the event, and this year have decided to launch a fantastic competition as part of their activity. On the 24th August 2012 Silver Spoon and Macmillan are launching Silver Spoons Little Local Hero Awards. They are scouring the country for local heroes under the age of 18 who have done something truly special. Your local little hero could have looked after their little sister when they were ill, gone to great lengths to make Mother’s Day very special, or done something fantastic to raise money for charity.

If you know someone under 18 in your local area who you think would be a worthy winner, just follow this link and explain in less than 100 words who you are nominating, why, and what you would bake them to say thank you

Competition closes 20th Sep at 23:59 BST

Master Pâtissier Eric Lanlard, star of Channel 4’s Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard, will choose a Silver Spoon National Little Hero and to celebrate he will bake them a special cake of their choice! 10 runners up will also receive a Silver Spoon Baking Hamper packed full of exciting treats.


There are sure to be some amazing stories from our local little heroes all over the country, but in the meantime don’t forget to register to hold your own coffee morning on the 28th September, just follow this link and you can help to raise money for people with lives affected by cancer.

My New Husband, Thomas and I

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River Cottage Rocks!: #5 – Summer Time

Many thanks to Charlotte for hosting the last challenge and sorry for the delay in announcing this challenge,  I am getting married in two weeks and things are a little crazy at the moment. The theme for this month is Summer Time. You can make anything you like as long as it is related to theme. The closing date is Monday 10th September. Here is a reminder of the rules:

  1. You cook any recipe you like related to the theme from any River Cottage book, TV programme or from Hugh’s weekly column in the Guardian.
  2. You must not copy the recipes word for word onto your blog posts. Quite a few of the recipes are already online so please link to them if they exist or put the book and the page number on your blog post so other people can find the recipe.
  3. If you make a couple or more adaptations to the recipe then please put the new version of the recipe on your blog if you want to, but always link to the original recipe in the same way as described in 2.
  4. You can submit the recipe to other blogging challenges as long as the other challenge allows it. 
  5. Please link to the post announcing this month’s theme in your blog post or to the ‘River Cottage Rocks’ page on this blog if someone else is hosting the challenge.
  6. If you are on Twitter, please tweet about your post using the hashtag #rivercottagerocks and include @Jos_Kitchen in the tweet. I will retweet any that I see.
  7. Please email a picture and a link to your post to by the closing date to have your post included in the monthly round up. 
  8. Please add your posts to the River Cottage Rocks group on Facebook too and we can get a bit of community spirit going.

Happy Cooking!
PS: Please let me know if you are interested in hosting the next challenge :-)

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