River Cottage Rocks! #3: Veggie Heaven

The theme for River Cottage Rocks #3 is simply called ‘Veggie Heaven!’. You can make whatever you want with this spring’s best produce. The only rule is that vegetables must be the main part of the dish. You can have meat etc as part of the dish but it must be secondary to the vegetables. The closing date for this challenge is Monday 14th May 2012.

  1. You cook any recipe you like related to the theme from any River Cottage book, TV programme or from Hugh’s weekly column in the Guardian.
  2. You must not copy the recipes word for word onto your blog posts. Quite a few of the recipes are already online so please link to them if they exist or put the book and the page number on your blog post so other people can find the recipe.
  3. If you make a couple or more adaptations to the recipe then please put the new version of the recipe on your blog if you want to, but always link to the original recipe in the same way as described in 2.
  4. You can submit the recipe to other blogging challenges as long as the other challenge allows it. 
  5. Please link to the post announcing this month’s theme in your blog post or to the ‘River Cottage Rocks’ page on this blog if someone else is hosting the challenge.
  6. If you are on Twitter, please tweet about your post using the hashtag #rivercottagerocks and include @Jos_Kitchen in the tweet. I will retweet any that I see.
  7. Please email a picture and a link to your post to joskitchen@hotmail.co.uk by the closing date to have your post included in the monthly round up. 
  8. Please add your posts to the River Cottage Rocks group on Facebook too and we can get a bit of community spirit going.

I am looking for someone to host the next challenge on their blog so if you are interested please let me know :-)

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8 responses to “River Cottage Rocks! #3: Veggie Heaven

  1. WOOO! I’m looking forward to this one, celebrate the veggies!

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