Restaurant Review: Reubens, Eat Central, Merry Hill

Food Courts are not usually the place you would expect to find decent restaurants and good quality food. Well, I have found a place where you can. Eat Central in Merry Hill. I have started going there quite regularly since being on maternity leave as I can walk round there with Thomas, have a cup of coffee or something to eat and sort Thomas out in their excellent parent rooms.

I was recently asked if I would like to review one of the eateries in Eat Central as part of Merry Hill’s Food Explorer month. I selected Reubens – Light Indian Food as I have never tried it before and it is the newest restaurant in Eat Central. Reubens was set up in October 2011 by Manny Johal, a Wolverhampton based businessman who spent 10 years working in the catering industry before opening Reubens.

Reubens has many meal options. You can have Indian style noodle dishes, curries and assorted sides. I chose the 4 dish meal deal which costs £4.49 and it contained:

• Onion Bhaji
• Vegetable Samosa
• Chilli Chicken Noodles
• Lamb Curry

I was very impressed with all the food. It was fresh, hot and tasty. All of it was spicy but not too much spicy and it did not overpower anything else. My favourite was the lamb curry. It was zingy, spicy and fresh tasting. The sauce could of been a bit thicker for my taste but I loved it nonetheless. The noodles were excellent too.

Thanks to Katie for setting up the review and Manny for a great meal. It is much appreciated :-)

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  1. Sophie Astley says

    baguette and co is the best of the eateries there! theyre pannins are amazing and had my partner had the best omlettte from there too.

  2. Xaviera says

    Having worked for the company, although the food may be alright (I do not know due to not eating here) it is just a shame that he refuses to pay his staff any wages he owes them and will sack them with no priod notice, without good reason and with no care given.

    • Jo says

      I am afraid I do not know anything about this. If you have an issue with the company, then I suggest you take it up with them.

    • Dave Wollett says

      I agree, Manny Johal is a very crafty guy – he owes a lot of his suppliers money still but hes declared bankruptcy so he will get away without paying. i worked for him ages ago. i know what hes like

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