A Sweet Treat for Valentines and a Giveaway!

Valentines Day is only around the corner and with that in mind, Lovetubs are calling for lovers to feel the love and share the love! You can show your loved one your sweeter side this Valentine’s Day by treating him or her to a lovetub – or even show yourself that little bit of love! lovetub is a warm, rich, melt-in-your-mouth pudding which can be found in the dessert chiller in selected Sainsbury’s stores!

Available in both Sticky Toffee Pudding and Chocolate Pudding flavours, lovetub can be microwaved to lip-smacking perfection in just 30 seconds, and eaten straight from the tub. Usually priced at only £1.29, it’s a Valentine’s treat that’s easy on the pocket!

To celebrate the release of Lovetubs, they are going to giveaway 15,000 100g puddings between the 1st and 7th February on their Facebook page.  Why not share the offer with your friends or loved one and ‘feel the love, share the love’.

Lovetub Hamper Giveaway

To make Valentines Day go with even more of a bang, you can win an hamper for you and your loved one and have it delivered in time for Valentines Day. You can win:

  • Moet Chandon Champagne
  • Hotel Chocolat Chocolates
  • a £10 M&S food voucher
  • Teddy Bear
  • and lovetub samples

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post by 5pm GMT on Monday 7th February telling me what would be your ideal Valentines Day treat (keep it clean please! – this is a family blog) :-)

This giveaway has now closed. Thank you to everyone for taking part

Good luck and I hope you all get spoilt on Valentines Day! :-)

Giveaway Terms and Conditions

  1. Only 1 entry per person
  2. The competition will close at 5pm on Monday 7th February 2012 GMT
  3. The winner will be chosen by Random.org and will be contacted via email as soon as possible after the competition has closed.
  4. The competition is open to UK residents only
  5. The prize will be delivered by Lovetubs once the winner’s contact details are confirmed, hopefully in time for Valentines Day.
  6. Any questions or queries, please email joskitchen@hotmail.co.uk 

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133 Responses to A Sweet Treat for Valentines and a Giveaway!

  1. Just a lovely meal at home with my OH. We have a little boy so won’t be going out but a nice takeaway or M&S meal deal will hit the spot nicely @RedRoseMummy

  2. It will be a family treat. My daughter will have the bear of course!

  3. I’d love a candlelit canal cruise with wonderful food and romantic music :)


  4. Chocolates and flowers would be my way of celebrating Valentine’s day :)

  5. I’d really like to wake up naturally, once it is light!

  6. For valentine’s day, my ideal treat would be afternoon tea for just hubby and me, at the beautiful Rowhill Grange – its where we had our wedding reception so it holds special romantic memories :-)
    Emma (@beachpebble)

  7. what if I can assume money no object – hire a limousine, a nice drive through the country to a nice country restaurant. A lovely 3 course meal with a nice wine and back home again to a bunch of flowers and a box of Hotel Chocolat would be nice – with my hubby of course – but knowing my oh and our bank balance we may get to share a bag of chips in front of the tv

  8. My ideal treat would be a drive in the country, a nice meal out and some chocolates :) @ali991

  9. I’d just love to spend the evening eating delicious food with my husband, ideally with some nice red red wine but as I’m 7 months pregnant I’ll have to settle for schloer!

  10. My ideal Valentine’s Day treat would be a lie in followed by my husband cooking all the meals, loading the dish washer, putting the washing on and looking after the kids. It won’t happen but I can dream!

  11. ooooh, these sound lush! My ideal valentines treat would be to just spend a day with my hubby alone! no blackberries, iphones, kids, work…Just 12 hours in a lovely hotel with a free standing claw bath, some champagne and chocolates…

    One can dream!!

    Good Luck



  12. My ideal valentine’s day would be spent with my husband and our 1 year old grandson, he is my new valentine XXX

  13. Lovely blog and fab giveaway xxx

  14. I really nice home cooked dinner going out frustrates me as everywhere has hiked the prices as it is valentines day.

  15. Just to love and be loved in return :)

  16. Having a meal cooked for me and a good rom com on DVD maybe @MummyFever

  17. I’d love lots of chocolate and a massive bunch of flowers but thats never gonna happen.

  18. Helen @ The Bright Bride

    My ideal Valentine’s would be a dinner in the treehouse at Alnwick Garden (or anywhere with a treehouse/fairylight/delicious food combo!) – maybe next year!

  19. It’s my daughter’s birthday on the 14th Feb so she tends to hijack Valentine’s Day. To make matters worse this year, I’ll be stuck at school for parent-teacher evenings until about 9pm -grrrr ! So much for romance ! A nice meal cooked by hubby would be lovely (I might get a frozen pizza if I’m lucky !)

  20. My husband is actually away with business for Valentine’s Day this year – great timing, huh?! But, my ideal Valentine’s Day would be to go spend a night at the hotel we had our wedding reception at – The Swan in Grasmere – and enjoy relaxing in the lake District.

  21. My ideal Valentine’s day? Hubby not working late, for a change.

  22. These look great but bet they taste a lot better!

  23. Oh mine would be a lovely homecooked dinner (and the washing up automatically taken care of) and then an evening of good TV/maybe a movie whilst I eat a no calorie chocolate pudding!

  24. Seeing as I have just posted about my dislike of Valentines Day I think I should say that I want a treat just because I like treats. I would choose a really delicious Chocolate Torte!

  25. well, i’m single so I’d be happy with a nice meal with my son and for him to get an early night so i can sip some moet while he sleeps :)

  26. I’ve actually managed to arrange my ideal Valentine’s treat. Squeaky’s in nursery, I’ve got the day off, Daddy’s working a late shift. So we get to have a nice meal out at lunchtime, when places are quieter, and then I get to watch trashy movies & eat chocolate in bed on my own once Squeaky’s asleep and Daddy’s at work.

  27. Anything would be special as I know it would come from the heart, instead of me asking for gifts etc… and that would mean more to me then something I asked for

  28. I could make something up, but I’m another singleton and I would love to win the hamper anyway :)

  29. homecooked meal and definitely chocolate :)

  30. A Diamond ring I would buy,
    big enough to make any woman cry!
    Then relaxing under a setting sky,
    I would ask – Marry me, Sweetie Pie?

  31. I would just like to have a boyfriend

  32. Mine is champagne, chocolates and a movie cuddled up on the sofa with my hubby (and usually children!)

  33. a nice dinner out would be nice , nothing like not having to cook yourself

  34. A long lingering meal at our local favourite bistro, and a special “love” digestif at home on the sofa

  35. A meal for two , followed by a walk along the shore ( somewhere warm of course ) , watching the sun set .

  36. a cosy night indoors sharing a big box of chocolates and a nice bottle of wine whilst snuggled up on the sofa watching the tv xx ( my two cats Bill and Ben will also be there :)

  37. valerie mccarthy

    It would be great to relax with hubby on the couch with a box of chocolates and wine while watching a film together. Any little suprises from him would be an added bonus. <3

  38. If there is snow on Valantines that would be a treat.I love snow.

  39. Beign able to spend the whole day treating my wife and our baby bump

  40. My ideal Valentine`s Day would be in a log cabin snuggled up infront of a roaring fire with lots of little nibbles and some chilled champagne while it snows outside(hubby optional lol!!)

  41. Spa day together then romantic dinner with wine

  42. A home cooked meal and sharing a good bottle of wine

  43. Tisha Mitchell-Goodson

    A tantrum-free day from my two little monkeys would be awesome, if that was actually possible!! And spending time (after the monkeys have gone to bed, where they will stay for the entire night!) with my lovely husband of course! That would be perfect :)!

  44. Would it be really dreadful of me to say that my ideal valentines day treat would be to have some time to myself. Just to be left alone in peace for a little while.

  45. I would love a bouquet of chocolate strawberries – you know the ones that look like flowers? I have bought them for my mum and my best friend when she gave birth, but now I am strongly hoping that I get some for Valentines Day.

    Thanks for running xx

  46. I’d just love my boyfriend to be at home on Valentine’s Day. He works late every Tuesday night and the 14th February won’t be any exception :(

  47. Just to spend some time together, cinema, walk, romantic dinner, candle-lit bath.

  48. Weekend break in Paris :0)

  49. a nice breakfast in bed followed by an enjoyable afternoon at a spa

  50. Just time together, no phone, no interruptions, no doorbell. Nice meal, maybe a wine and then snuggle down with the chocolates he had better not forget to buy me and watch a soppy film!

  51. Diamonds of course. They’re a girl’s best friend!
    Although chocolate’s a pretty good mate as well ;-)

  52. A nice quiet night in.


  53. I would love a meal out, preferably at an American style restaurant as I’m originally a stateside gal. Luckily my OH loves ribs!

  54. Anything would be nice, but my husband has just lost his job so I have a feeling Valentine’s Day might be cancelled this year!

  55. a meal out with a bottle of wine!

  56. Hmmm, My fiance, our four children, some yummy snacks and a board game. Our favourite way to spend time without spending a fortune! Hope everyone has a happy Valentines day. x

  57. A nice evening in with the other half, a good film to watch, nice meal and a cup of tea!

  58. Samantha Bradley

    My ideal valentines day treat would be to spend some quality time with my babies after university, maybe a cheeky glass of wine in the evening with a DVD and cuddles with my hubby!

  59. Lynsey Buchanan

    My ideal valentines day treat would be to go on a nice city break (anywhere im not fussy) and just eat, drink and do some sightseeing

  60. My ideal valentines day treat would be an Indian takeaway followed by a DVD. I could happily stay indoors for the whole of February. Brrrr!

  61. Elizabeth Smith

    Indoor skydiving – a bit of excitement does he world of good!

  62. We will have a lovely meal at home once kids are in bed!

  63. Nice romantic dinner out!

  64. Anthea Holloway

    I would love to have my husband cook me a meal at home – something he has never done. What a treat that would be!

  65. My valentines day treat would be for my OH to organise a baby sitter for our son, as a surprise! We could then, go and do anything we want to! Something spontaneous and full of fun!

  66. Jennifer Schofield

    A DVD night in front of a roaring fire with an indian takeway – yum!

  67. A Luxurious Breakfast in bed on a tray and with some posh china. Yummm x

  68. A great Valentine’s treat would be a lie-in in bed reading a good novel. Then I’ll be taken out to lunch at a lovely restaurant with a beautiful view. Then we’ll go to the cinema to watch a romantic movie.

  69. my ideal treat would be for my husband not to be working. But if we won the hamper we could use it to celebrate later in the month as its our 13th wedding anniversary. I love my Simon so much!!

  70. All I want is time! Sounds simple really but the reality is I never seem to get any time with my husband.

  71. Would love to spend the day Clay Pigeon Shooting, always wanted to that. Have put my feelers out, so this year might be lucky.

  72. Im getting married in less than 6 months so spending money on dinner is abit out of the window. I think we are going to spend the night in with a nice home cooked meal, movie and some cuddles which to me is perfect :)

  73. A romantic candle lit dinner

  74. A lovely meal, a sniff of champers and lots of sweet treats to share.

  75. My ideal treat would be a cosy evening in with my boyfriend, cooking & eating a nice meal together and then watching a soppy film

  76. My ideal treat would be being whisked away to a fancy spa hotel and getting pampered all day before a lovely romantic meal in the evening! :-)

    Actual plans = dvd and a takeaway lol!

  77. Ideally a surprise meal out and to find that my husband had organised a babysitter without my knowing……but also a competition win to pay for the surprise meal out, lol!

  78. I’d love a day off from work, a lie-in, maybe breakfast in bed and then the two of us spending a lazy pyjama day together!

  79. A massage!

  80. What I would really love is for us to spend the whole day together.

  81. A meal cooked for me at home that is edible and romantic!

  82. I’d love a romantic meal at home cooked for me by my hubby….. :)

  83. Laura Pritchard

    Anything other than last-minute card & flowers from the garage! Anything that had some thought put into it.

  84. I would love to have a nice peaceful meal with my husband (and no kids)

  85. A day off to spend with my fiancee with some tasty food

  86. A nice meal at home, starter, main and dessert with my husband of course!

  87. Good enough to share ! Maybe!

  88. I’d love someone to cook me dinner, but since that’s unlikely to happen, I’d love the hamper:P

  89. The day off work would be a good start, and breakfast in bed!

  90. I’d like to go somewhere for the day, like Whitby, so we can take a bit of time out of life!

  91. I will be having a lovely meal cooked at home by my husband with a glass or two of bubbly heaven!!

  92. A family dinner followed by a cake made and decorated by the kids – that’s love right there!

  93. Charlotte Hoskins

    Not having to get up for work in the morning, and a yummy meal in the evening will do me :)

  94. My ideal valentines treat would be to stay overnight at The Titanic Spa in Huddersfield. We would have massages, a healthy lunch, 3 course evening candlelit meal and a lovely big bed for a good nights sleep. A prezzie and card would also be nice

  95. i’d love to spend the day alone with my partner the last time we had time alone i was heavily pregnant with my fourth and youngest (19 months now)

  96. i’d love to spend the day with my husband, but he will be at work, so it will be me and the dog!!! but we can have a lovely meal and bottle of wine when he comes home

  97. I would just love to go for a yummy, quiet romantic lunch with my husband – then home for a lazy afternoon :)

  98. A nice meal at home with my darling wife is good enough for me!

  99. My ideal treat would be some much deserved time otgether with my partner and a little peace and quiet – I can only hope future years will bring this when the kids are older lol

  100. i would love to be taken for romantic meal

  101. I would love a cup of tea in bed and help around the house

  102. Breakfast in bed

  103. a lovely meal cooked by my other half, just so I can see he’s made an effort.

  104. Flowers would be lovely, but not roses, I adore flowers

  105. Hannah Jayne Jeffery

    A meal at my local tapas bar would be fantastic, a sangria and my gorgeous other half. Pure bliss!

  106. I’d like my husband to actually remember the date for once, and not rush out and buy the first card he sees seconds before the shops close. (I got a birthday card one year….)

  107. just some nice flowers and a kiss :)

  108. An evening at the theatre would be wonderful.

  109. strawberrys and cream and a chocolate liquere would be perfect

  110. Steak, salad and jacket potato, vanilla cheesecake and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate being single.

  111. angie pickering

    Just the two of us, some champagne ( cava will do ! ) and chocolate !

  112. Champagne Strawberries and Chocolates

  113. A lovely meal with my husband with champagne, lots of chocolates and a good film to snuggle up in front of afterwards!

  114. My ideal Valentines treat would be some chocolate champagne, Hotel chocolat chocolates, some vouchers to buy some dinner from M&S, some lovetub for dessert and a teddy to snuggle up with in the evening.
    Oh wait! That’s what you’re giving away! Perfect!

  115. Afternoon horseriding with my husband

  116. My ideal treat would be a date with my very own lovetub (my fella). Snuggled up in front of a coal fire feeding each other chocolate pudding.

  117. My ideal treat would be a luxury meal aboard a steam train. A dream come true.

  118. Christina Massue

    A lovely romantic meal x

  119. charlotte summers

    I would love to just be with my bf on valentines. He lives miles away and I won’t see him until the weekend.

  120. My ideal Valentine’s day would be a weekend away with my husband. We’ve had a hard year, and now, due to work commitments, we only see each other at weekends!

  121. a yummy takeway and a dvd, cuddle son the sofa xx

  122. I would love a meal at a local Indian restaurant with my partner

  123. Katherine Coldicott

    Take the dogs for a long walk and then come back, put the fire on and have a mug of hot chocolate. Then cook a nice meal, have a glass of wine and either put some music on or watch a movie.

  124. Would have a quiet peaceful night together no tv music just each other, a nice meal by candle light

  125. Nothing better than having a nice meal, drink and you can’t get anything better than a good laugh: So takeaway chicken madras and the works, few cans and a lee mack dvd. Sorted.

  126. The perfect Valentines meal would be cooked for my by my hubby,much better than going out and paying a fortune. Just the 2 of us and no interuption from the children. To finish off watch a nice movie in bed together…..:)

  127. I’d love a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, oh and a cuddly toy too :)

  128. My ideal treat would be a babysitter for the evening so I could go out for a peaceful drink with my husband

  129. a lie in, go out for breakfast and at night a comedy dvd with a take away and a bottle wine / bulmers.

  130. I would love for my other half to cook me a meal so I could have a night off from cooking. Just something simple to show he’s thinking of me :)

    Thank you

  131. An early night after a romantic meal at home

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