I’m still here!

Hello everyone. I am sure you are beginning to think I have disappeared into thin air or have lost my blogging mojo completely. Well I can ensure you that this is not the case.

I have got lots of great things to tell you about but I have not had the time to tell you about them. Since Christmas, Thomas has virtually stopped sleeping at all during the day and when he goes to bed at night, all we have time for is dinner, a bit of tv and then bed ourselves. I want to blog but do not feel I can give it the time it deserves at the moment. I am hoping this will change in the next month or so as we are moving Thomas into his own room and making efforts to make him sleep through the night. I will be back to my normal blogging schedule asap and I appreciate your patience at this time.

Thank you for reading Jo’s Kitchen :-)

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  1. bumptobundle says

    Awww I remember how hard it was to get anything done in those early months, still struggling now with a non-sleeper 17 months later…eeek! Thomas is a real handsome little man :-)

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