Win a Vegetarian Christmas with Linda McCartney

Christmas will soon be here and for the vegetarian readers of my blog, I have a giveaway that will make Christmas go with a bang from the lovely people at Linda McCartney.

You can win:

To enter this competition, all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post by 6pm on Tuesday 6th December. Its that simple!

This competition is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered. The winner will be announced as soon as possible.

Good luck and happy cooking! :-)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only 1 entry per person
  2. The competition will close at 6pm on Tuesday 6th December GMT
  3. The winner will be chosen by and will be contacted via email as soon as possible after the competition has closed.
  4. The competition is open to UK residents only
  5. The prize will be delivered by Linda McCartney Foods once the winner’s contact details are confirmed

For another two opportunities to win a vegetarian feast for Christmas, please visit Maison Cupcake and Fuss Free Living

This competition is being promoted on Loquax Competitions

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119 responses to “Win a Vegetarian Christmas with Linda McCartney

  1. ooh great prize, sounds lovely!
    Please enter me.

  2. Can i swop the roast for some pies? mmmmmmmmmm pies… i <3 linda macartney pies :D xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Fab prize. I’d love to enter the competition please.

  4. What a lovely prize. I’d share it with my Norfolk veggie neighbours.

  5. Oh yummy! I’m always in a mad rush to find a veggie roast for Christmas and the LM ones are my fav! This would save me from traipsing around the shops (or sending OH out to!).

    Michelle xx

  6. Oh what a refreshing change to only be allowed one entry and that to be a comment here. Phew!

    I have a packet of Linda McCartney sossies in the freezer, not tried them yet. I was recommended to them as being one of the tastiest of the veggie sausages and that they are also commendably low fat. So this sounds a very interesting dinner for an alternative Christmas, even if you are not vegetarian.

  7. Fabulous prize for us veggies!! Thank you x @wendymcd83


    Great prize, my sister is cooking xmas lunch this year and know she would be thrilled with these goodies x

  9. lovely prize, would save me loads of bother

  10. ooooh yummy prize @MummyFever

  11. Hello :)

    Yum yum! Yes please!
    I’ve been mostly veggie for twenty years and I think my two year old will be following me – He can’t get enough of my veggie sausages! Off to my inlaws for Christmas dinner and everyone always wants a taste of my veggie alternative so this prize means there will be enough for everyone!
    Emma x

  12. That sounds like a great prize – would make a nice change from all the turkey!

  13. never tried a veggie roast but might be better than the crab starter and har my daughter planning for me

  14. Ooohh what a lovely prize, I would love to win :-) x

  15. I remember when Linda McCartney products first came on the scene! oooh the excitement. Fab prize … yes please

  16. That would solve my dilemma of what to cook for Xmas dinner x

  17. Ooh,fab prize…I do like Linda McCartney products, much nicer than Quorn!

  18. would not mind trying this fantastic prize

  19. WHat a fabulous prize, as a long-term vegetarian (14 years) I’m beginning to find it increasingly difficult to come up with new and innovative Christmas meals, this would be fabulous! Thanks

  20. Fab prize, making my mouth water already and the yumminess, I love Linda McCartney foods so delicious :)

  21. I would love to win. We are a family of Veggies and always feel left out at Christmas.

  22. Looks delicious.This would make a real change from the traditional sunday lunch

  23. Those burgers sound really good!

  24. ksenia zywczuk

    I’m a vegetarian, would love to win this cause it is tasty!

  25. michael wiggins

    Would love to try this

  26. We Are a Veggie family and have been wondering what to cook – problem solved (hopefully)

  27. I’d love to win this for my brother

  28. Would really love to win this prize. My hubby loves the Linda McCartney veggie roast

  29. Melanie Pennie

    What a lovely selection of tasty ‘veggie’ products.. they would go down a treat :)

  30. I’ve been such a fan of the Linda McCartney range since I first turned veggie 15 years ago – I’d love to win this!


    I am not veggie but I do mainly eat veggie style,most of my friends are veggie tho,which is prob why,and I am not that keen on meat lol

  32. I’ve been vegetarian since 1983, if we won then I can guarantee our family would have the best veggie Christmas ever!! Looks yummy, anyway – fingers crossed! What a fab competition.


  33. Ideal for my veggie daughter visiting for Christmas….she’ll think I’ve learned how to cook after all these years! ;-)

  34. My 7 year old whose a vegetarian said she love to win it so she doesn’t feel left out when everyones having a turkey dinner. She wants the carrot for Rudolph too!

  35. I am in need of suggestions and ideas for a Vegetarian Xmas dinner, this prize looks like it would fit the bill.

  36. What a fabulous prize – us veggies can feel a biy left out at Christmas!

  37. Marylyn Hammersley

    Am already loving the Cranberry and Camembert Burgers, they are delicious. This would be a great veggie hamper for Christmas, parsnips and a cauli cheese and I would be sorted. Yummy prize.

  38. I used to eat Linda McCartney products practically every day of the week – the Linda McCartney chilli non carne is very moreish, and so is the veggie lasagne come to think of it!
    Please drop my name into the virtual hat too – as you probably gathered I’ma big fan of Linda McCartney foods! :-)

  39. Not sure if you might it, but my Twitter name is @LoveWinning !

  40. mmmm cranberry and camembert burgers sound good, I might have to hunt some down in the shops! x

  41. ooh yes please


  42. Would love to try this.

  43. I love that Rudolph is included in the feast

  44. i’ve been veggie for nearly 20 years but i’ve never had a veggie roast, so i’d love to have a go. the sausages and burgers look tempting too.

  45. Isobelle Forde

    Yummy they all sound delicious! Esepcially those burgers,they sound awsome, please enter me!

  46. Yummy, would be nice to win :)

  47. I’m new to being veggie so could do with some help starting out :).

  48. The ‘Cranberry and Camembert Burgers’ sound moreish. The ‘Vegetarian Roast’ sounds like a great alternative to nutloaf. Seasonal winter root veggies are always a favourite of mine. Also, I love a good glass of sherry- it isn’t just for Santa!

  49. Have been thinking about cooking a Vegetarian Roast for the first time this Xmas. Would love the hamper (have been vegetarian since I was 13).

  50. Reggie Tarian

    They call me Veggie Reggie

  51. Anything to help my vegetarian Christmas go with a bang!

  52. Turned veggie this year, and this sorts out what to eat at christmas

  53. Lovely selection.

  54. This would be perfect for the veggies in my family and make everyone happy!

  55. I would love to win this one!

  56. I’d love to win this for my Mum!!

  57. Nice prize – I’d love to win please!

  58. I’ve been veggie for over 35 years, would love to win this

  59. Commenting :) Looks tasty!


    Brilliant prize! Please enter me in the competition. Thank you.

  61. Saran Benjamin

    Excellent prize ;0)

  62. We love Linda McCartney roasts in our house, this would make our Christmas!

  63. I love this range-so diverse and delicious!

  64. I’m a veggie cooking for Christmas and this would really help!

  65. I’d love to win this

  66. Lovely prize – would be really useful.

  67. This would be great to help me make Christmas that extra special, thanks for a great comp!

  68. Would luv this 4 my veggie niece plse

  69. I am a huge fan of Linda McCartney’s products. What a great prize!
    Fingers crossed!!

  70. My eldest daughter, Lisa, is travelling home for Christmas; I only see her for a week each year and she is the only vegetarian in the family. This hamper would make a lovely welcome home present and save me a lot of headaches as I will be cooking for seven carnivores as well!

  71. Heather Ellis

    This is brilliant for me – not used to catering for a festive veggie!

  72. I’m having some vegetarian friends over! This would be fab!

  73. Sounds delicious!

  74. The Vegetarian Roast is always a must at Christmas time so that the veggies can eat as well as their meat eating guests! Would love to try the sausages and the sherry is a bonus! Thank you too for remembering the hard working reindeers. @gardenseeds

  75. My veggie family would love this prize! *fingers crossed*

  76. Only three vegetarian’s in our household. This prize would keep us going over the whole Christmas period.

  77. It’s my 49th Birthday on Christmas Day…… do I deserve to win?! This is a seriously delicious veggie feast!!

  78. Wow, what a delicious sounding prize :-)

  79. It would be fantastic if these were wheat/gluton free as I’m on a hunt for vegitarian sausages that don’t contain wheat.

  80. what do vegetarian worms eat ?

  81. This would really please my 18 year old son who has been a vegetarian now for 4 years. Glad he stuck to his guns and it was not a ‘phase’ and he really committed.

  82. Dessiree Brown-Llaneza

    Hello! What an excellent prize! Please enter me. Love Linda McCartney food!

  83. Gillian Holmes

    Oh yum love Linda McCartney veggie things.

  84. great prize……………….
    Please enter me Thank you

  85. great prize — that is just the thing for xmas

  86. mmm

  87. please enter me!!

  88. lorna anderson

    great giveaway

  89. Please enter me for the competition too. Would love to win so my vegetarian daughter could have a super duper Christmas feast

  90. Laura Pritchard

    I’d love to win this yummy looking meal!

  91. Sean Stringer

    Looks lovely.

  92. susan himsworth

    I am a new vegetarian this would help tons with my xmas menu

  93. i do like Linda McCartneys range, the pies are gorgeous but the hamper sounds v tasty- especially the burgers!

  94. Geoff Wickens

    wife is trying to eat veggie so this would be a great prize for xmas

  95. Michelle Rayner

    I’ve tried vegetarianism but now have children – this would be a great way to show them that vegetarian doesn’t just mean a plate of beans

  96. I’ve got two vegetarian sons – something special for them would be a real treat

  97. Nice seasonal prize

  98. Please could you enter me – I tend just to have a plate of roast vegetables for Christmas dinner, so it would be good to have something different this year

  99. Yummy I love her sausages especially cold in sandwiches the next day! Thanks for the great gvieaway!

  100. just the christmas teet I need especially as my neice is veggie and coming for dinner wahoo

  101. fab prize, thanks for the comp!

  102. Herbert Appleby

    lip smakin’ snakin’ mmmmmmmmmmmm

  103. melanie stirling

    This is a great prize,my son is vegetarian so I buy a lot of this stuff anyway plus although I am not vegetarian myself I still enjoy eating it :)

  104. Erin Prendergast

    This looks perfect for a veggie xmas! :-)

  105. That sounds yummy. Nice gift really. Best veggie Xmas food

  106. Can I go all X Factor and say I seperated from my wife a few weeks ago so this will be my first Christmas alone for almost a decade….I need veggie food to cheer me up!!! Plus those sausages are delicious….

  107. Have a very merry veggie Christmas everyone!

    And remember vegetarianism is for life, not just for Chrisrnas 

  108. I’ve tried the vegetarian roast before but i’m excited at the chance of trying the other goodies. Looking for something exciting to eat over Christmas and on Christmas Day. This would most definitely save me having to cook a nut roast and taking it to my parents house. I know the sherry would go down very well too, especially with my Nan. So excited about Christmas this year. Can’t believe it’s already December though. Hope you enjoy your Christmas too!

  109. Alice Bone Connaughton

    Yes please! Yum yum

  110. Very festive! Haven’t tried the roast before…

  111. I’d love to win this for christmas, I havent had the veg roast before :)

  112. what a great prize

  113. Cheryl Habben

    “A veggie Christmas,
    Save the bird
    “What, no turkey?”
    Yes, you heard!
    Linda McCartney & Meat Free Tweets
    Will give you all you need to eat
    So make it cruelty free this year
    And give the turkeys Christmas cheer!”

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