Product Review: Douwe Egberts Decaff Coffee

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I love coffee. I cannot start the day without it. I am like a bear with a sore head if I do not get chance to have a mug of it before I leave the house in the morning. However, since we started trying for a baby and since I have got pregnant, I have had to reduce my caffeine intake. The suggested limit is 200mg of caffeine a day (about two cups) but I have been trying to have less than that. I had never considered Decaff coffee until we started trying for a baby. I never understood what was the point of coffee, if you could not have caffeine in it.

Well, how wrong I was. Decaff coffee is good, perfect if you want the coffee taste without the buzz of caffeine. I was recently sent some Douwe Egberts Decaff to review and I am very impressed. It is designed for use in all coffee makers. I have a cafetiere at home and at work so I have been drinking it quite a lot. It tastes exactly like normal coffee. Very rich and smooth. I love it! I may even start drinking decaff coffee more even when I am not pregnant. Thank you to Douwe Egberts for making me healthier and reducing my caffeine intake! :-)

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One response to “Product Review: Douwe Egberts Decaff Coffee

  1. Great blog – and excellent review. Like you, I often wondered what the point of decaf coffee was – but being able to enjoy a nice coffee without it keeping you starring into the lonely night abyss at 3 in the morning is good, as it being able to enjoy a coffee with friends even while pregnant (and/or breastfeeding). I can also recommend ‘Ground, Bean and Drunk Decaf – which is also Fairtrade’ Greetings from Australia.

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