Midlands Food Bloggers Meet Up June 2011

Photo by Owen Sims

On Saturday, the Midlands Food Bloggers had their third meet up at 99 Station Street and Staffordshire Fine Foods in Burton Upon Trent. Louise of Comida Y Vida and I arrived at 99 Station Street and met fellow MFB members, Gavin of To Bizzy 2 Bake, Julia of A Wannabe Foodie, Jules of The Butcher, The Baker, Georgina of Culinary Travels, Becky of Girl Interrupted Eating and James and Kate of Eat The Midlands. It was lovely to meet in person everyone who we had been talking to on Twitter for so long. We sat down and got ready to taste the fantastic local and seasonal food prepared for us by the wonderful chef Dan and his team.

For my starter, I had Asparagus Soup. It was delicious and very filling. I loved it. For my main, I had Baked Salmon with Coriander Veloute and we all shared the seasonal vegetables around the table. I love salmon and I have never thought of serving it with coriander. It was yummy!

For pudding, I had the Chocolate Brownie with homemade ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was delicious. After lunch (which was a bargain price of £10.95 each), we had a chat with the head chef Dan and owner Susan and we learnt more about the restaurant ethos for only having local, British food and making everything on site.

Photo by Owen Sims

 After our fantastic meal,  we moved to the HQ and home of 99 Station Street and Staffordshire Fine Foods owners, Ross and Susan Broadman, just outside of Burton Upon  Trent. Our first test when we arrived was to tell the difference between two lots of peanuts. One was salted and the other was smoked. I have never thought of smoking a peanut before. It was yummy. Next we put some salmon in the smoker and left a chorizo simmering on the stove in chicken stock and went for a foraging walk in the local woods.

After our walk, we returned and tried two different types of smoked salmon, one had been cured and the other had not. The one that was not cured did not taste very good. However, the salmon that cured was delicious and I am not very keen on smoked salmon.  We next tried cured, smoked and roasted venison loin. It was lovely. Yet another new experience as I have never thought about doing that with venison. We tried pigeon breast next that had been cured and smoked. I love pigeon breast, however in some places that you get it, it can be very overpowering and horrible. This was not. It was mild and delicious. It was so good, I may develop a craving for it. Finally, Ross made a soup with the chorizo that had been simmered in chicken stock for 3 hours. He cut up the chorizo for us to taste and turned the stock into a soup with our foraged nettles and wild garlic. It was delicious. We each got a chorizo to take home and I am planning on doing something similar with mine so watch this space…

I would like to thank Ross, Susan, Dan and all the team at 99 Station Street and Staffordshire Fine Foods. It was a fantastic day. You can see what Ross and Susan thought about being descended on by a load of bloggers, here. I would to thank all my fellow MFB members for attending, it was great to meet you all and I cannot wait to do it again soon. Thanks to Louise for organising it and all your help with MFB so far. It is much appreciated. :-)

Happy Cooking! :-)

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