Jo Cooks: Sainsbury’s Feed a Family of Four for £50

I was recently contacted by Damola from Sainsbury’s asking if I would like to take part in their Feed a Family of Four for £50 campaign. This campaign is to encourage people to plan their meals and do their food shopping at a reasonable cost. I do not normally plan my meals but with a baby on the way and the extra costs that it brings, I thought I should give it a go.

In addition to sending me a week’s worth of shopping to do this week’s meal plan, they also sent me a Sony Bloggie HD Camera to record myself cooking one of the dish’s from the plan. The results of which are above and have been submitted to Sainsbury’s to possibly appear on their website or on one of their TV adverts shown during Britain’s Got Talent this week.

I decided to cook Sausage, Tomato & Cannellini Pot with mash for the video. I served it with a few extra vegetables and made it for my Mom Elaine, my Stepdad Bernie and Stuart. All of them are featured in the video above.

Overall, I was quite impressed with Sainsbury’s home delivery and the quality of their produce. The vegetables (those that were not frozen) were excellent quality and very fresh. The sausages used to make the dish were frozen and did not have much flavour too them, but they were perfectly usable. Most of the products used were from their basics range but they seemed quite good quality. The meat looked good too. I am not entirely sure if I had just served the dish above with mash above that it would be enough for four people. I think a bit of extra vegetables makes it go a bit further and I would hate to think of anyone not having enough food to eat in my house. One complain though is that they sent me 3 loaves of wholemeal meal, all with a use by date of 31st May. My shopping was delivered on Saturday. Unless the bread was frozen, it would never last a family of four for seven days.

I think I would quite happily use Sainsbury’s home delivery again and although I do like the principles of their meal plan, I am not sure if as a foodie it gives enough choice for me. I know I am very lucky not to have such a tight budget for food but if I did, I think the Sainsbury’s meal plan with a few minor adjustments would work for me :-)

Many thanks to Damola and Hayley from Sainsbury’s for sending me the shopping and the camera for free. It is much appreciated :-)

Thanks to my Mom, Stepdad and Stuart for being featured in the video and additional thanks to Stuart for filming it. :-)

Happy Cooking! :-)

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7 Responses to Jo Cooks: Sainsbury’s Feed a Family of Four for £50

  1. Excellent video, Jo! You’re right about the extra veg; it really does help pad out the meals (as well as making them healthier). Looks delicious :)

  2. Lovely video, lovely food too, step dad stole the show, what a star…x

  3. Great stuff Jo! The video is great, and the food looks lovely. The Sainsbury’s meal plan is very interesting – and a unique concept. But like you, I don’t think it would give me choice.

  4. Brilliant video- I shall keep an eye out for it on the ad breaks! I’ve read quite a few reviews (in the papers etc) of the Sainsbury’s Feed your Family for £50, and most of them felt, as you did, the choice was quite limited. I think breakfasts and lunches ere singled out in particular for being a bit ‘samey’- but £50 isn’t a lot of money with rising food prices, so fair play to Sainsbury’s for coming up with nutritious meals with the benefit of hopefully reducing food waste.

  5. great video jo and I think I’d be the same regarding the £50 meal plan. Have to say tho your step dad steals the show!

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