Fresh From The Oven: Favourite Savoury Bread

Hip Hip Hooray! I have finally taken part in a Fresh From The Oven Challenge. My first since the end of March. Sorry for my tardiness of late but I have had so much going on, I keep on forgetting to take part. This  month’s challenge is hosted by Michelle of Utterly Scrummy Food for Families and she asked us to share our favourite savoury bread recipes. For me, this was easy. It is the Garlic and Rosemary Foccacia from the River Cottage Bread Handbook Number 3 by Daniel Stevens. My family love it. Whenever there is a special occasion, they ask for me to make it. I made the one above for my Sister’s 18th Birthday earlier this month. It went down a treat! The recipe for the Foccacia is here but I do highly recommend that you buy the bread book as it is really useful and has lots of interesting recipes in it.

Many thanks to Michelle for hosting this months challenge. :-)

Happy Cooking! :-)

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  1. says

    This is my favourite book for bread and baking. I’ve not ried this one yet. In fact, I am just about to start a project to bake my way through the whole book. One thing I really want to know is how to bake bread properly.

  2. says

    We were on the same wavelength for this challenge. I also made a bee-line for this book. The garlic addition is a great idea.

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