Product Review: Shloer Summer Fruits Punch

Since finding out I was pregnant, I have been after new things to drink. There  is only so much water, squash, lemonade and juice that I can drink. Soon after finding out I was pregnant, I went to see my friend and fellow food blogger, Louise of Comida Y Vida.  Louise had recently given birth to beautiful Grace. When Louise was pregnant, she had started drink Shloer, a sparkling grape juice drink available in a variety of flavours. As it was nice day when I went to visit, we sat outside and drank chilled Shloer Rose in the sunshine. Since that day, I have been addicted to it. I drink a bottle a day. Its lovely!

Therefore, I was very happy when Shloer announced their  new limited edition flavour, Summer Fruit Punch. Their other flavours, white grape, rose and red grape are sort of like non-alcoholic wines, just slightly sweeter. I hoped that this Summer Fruits flavour would be my Pimms replacement for the summer and I was not disappointed. It was very fruity and refreshing. Serving it in a jug with fruit and mint leaves it even looked like Pimms! Best of all, all Shloer flavours contain no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings. I cannot wait to start trying the mocktail recipes on their site, and next summer after the baby is born, I will try the alcoholic cocktails. Roll on the summer BBQ season!

Many thanks to Hayley for sending me a bottle of Shloer Summer Fruits to review :-)

Happy Cooking! :-)

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2 responses to “Product Review: Shloer Summer Fruits Punch

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  2. Ahh thanks for the mention. It’s not a bad addiction to have ;-) Will have to try this flavour too. ;-)

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