Cookbook Review: Mitch Turner’s Cake Masterclass and a Dr Oetker Giveaway

As most of you know by now, I love baking and decorating cakes and I am always on the look out to learn new techniques and get inspiration from everywhere. Therefore, I was very happy when I asked if I would like to review Mitch Turner’s Cake Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Cake Decorating Perfection.

 Mitch Turner is the owner of The Little Venice Cake Company which she set up in 1999 after leaving Harvey Nichols where she worked as a Patisserie Buyer. She has made cakes for Gordon Ramsay, Pierce Brosnan, Cheryl Cole, David Beckham and Her Majesty The Queen. Cake Masterclass is her fourth book, following on from her three previous international best-sellers including Spectacular Cakes and Fantastic Party Cakes.

My first impression of the book was how pretty and detailed the cover was. Its beautiful. The book is divided into six sections, Essential Equipment, Cake Baking, Fillings and Frostings, Careful Covering and Stacking, Masterclass and a Cake Gallery. The most useful sections for the amateur cake baker are the equipment section, covering and stacking and the masterclass section, where Mitch reveals some of her decorating secrets such as how to do run outs, make flowers and hand piping. The cake gallery is useful for inspiration, however I think most of the ideas are slightly beyond the average amateur cake decorator despite Mitch’s detailed instructions.

To test out the recipes in the book, I decided to make Cinnamon and White Chocolate Cupcakes. I am not usually one for making flavoured cupcakes, I prefer simple vanilla however these sounded quite good so I gave them a go.  The making of the cupcakes was easy. The recipe was spot on. However, I had some concerns with the white chocolate buttercream. Normally I use 250g of unsalted butter to 50og of icing sugar to ice 12 cupcakes. This recipe called for 175g of unsalted butter to 300g icing sugar, with 100g of white chocolate melted to ice 24 cupcakes.  As it was quite late on a work night when I was making these, I decided to palette knife the icing onto the cakes, as piping was a bit beyond me at this point. It turned out that there was enough icing in the end, however I think if I had used my normal Wilton 1M nozzle, there would not have been enough icing for the cakes.  I took the cakes to work and everyone loved them. The cinnamon was not overpowering and the white chocolate icing complimented it fantastically.  I decorated the cupcakes with decorations I have recently received from Dr Oetker: Wafer Daisies and Polka Dots.

Overall, I was very impressed with Mitch Turner’s Cake Masterclass. I think it is useful addition to any cake bakers bookshelf as it has the perfect mix of techniques and inspiration.

Many Thanks to Melissa from Jacqui Small for sending me the book to review. It is much appreciated.

Dr Oetker Giveaway!

Dr Oetker have given  me lots of goodies that I can giveaway to one lucky Jo’s Kitchen reader. You can win a Bunny Cookie Kit, a Cupcake Kit, an Egg Decorating Kit, Chocolate Writing icing, Chocolate Chips and Fun Baking Cases. Everything you need to get busy in the kitchen with the kids this Easter holiday. To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post by 8pm on Tuesday 19th April. The winner will then be chosen using and the items will then be posted out to you, hopefully in time for Easter weekend. The giveaway is open to UK residents only as although Dr Oetker supplied the goodies, I am paying the postage to get the items to you. Any questions, please contact me at

Until next time,

Happy Cooking (or Baking!) :-)

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43 Responses to Cookbook Review: Mitch Turner’s Cake Masterclass and a Dr Oetker Giveaway

  1. Marie billingham

    These look fantastic, would love to take a look at the book.

  2. Marissa Michalek

    very interesting the master class, but i like the Dr Oetker for easy every day cakes .

  3. My problem is making flawlessly iced cakes with sharp angles – do you think the book would help me with that? I think I really need to get myself to a class as trying to use books to get it right just isn’t getting me there.

  4. Thanks for the review, I’ve been dithering over this book on Amazon for ages but now I think I’ll treat myself.

    Love those little daisies on the cupcakes, very cute!

  5. Your cakes look very yummy :) I like the sound of the book, I do some cake decorating (at a beginners level) so sounds like it could be quite useful :)

  6. I’m always on the look out for a decent White Chocolate frosting. Did the White chocolate flavour come through quite strongly?

  7. michelle smith

    Loving the book and the baking goodies look great

  8. Great prize, please enter me.

    I did Michs Christmas masterclass and enjoyed every minute

  9. Thanks was thinking of buying the book so this was useful.

  10. Really inspirational, loving the look of the book and the cake decorations

  11. Have you tried the Dr O icing that you warm up and spread? V useful for smooth topped cup cakes.

    The book sounds great.

  12. As a family we are really getting into baking, cakes especially. Good post and I’ll pass on the details of this book to the wife :)


  13. The cakes were very yummy Jo… you can make these again :)

    • Thanks for all your comments so far. This is fantastic. In answer to a your questions:

      Grethic, I haven’t tried that icing yet. It sounds good though. I must give it a go.

      Deanne, the white chocolate flavour didn’t come out as much as I would of liked. Next time, I might increase the amount to 150g-200g of white chocolate and see how it tastes.

      Lou, yes I think this book would hope you to ice sharp angles on cakes perfectly. A cake smoother would help you too. Buy this book before going on a cake decorating course as I went on one before receiving this book and regretted it as this book showed me everything I need to know, without the expense of a course :-)

  14. Mmm cinnamon and White chocolate sounds gorgeous. I’m tempted to get the oven on!

  15. The book sounds ace. I would love to go on a cake decorating course, but they don’t have any near me. I found this page from the Dr Oetker Facebook page, so I hope it’s OK to enter. Thanks

  16. The book looks great

  17. The recipes sounds delicous! I am just a home baker but is a bit of an obsession at moment!!!

  18. I’m really tempted to order this book, I’m just starting out with decorating cakes and I love getting a new book! Those cinnamon cupcakes sound fab!

  19. Mmmm, egg-cellent cupcakes Jo!
    The daisy’s make them look eggxtra special for Easter! :)

  20. I am really terrible at cake decorating, actually. Are there any books you would recommend for the cack-handed and clumsy novice?

    I love all that DR Oetker stuff though, my son would have a field day :0)

  21. The cakes look really great and your tips very good as I too ain’t one for piping icing, this prize would be fantastic as both of my kids enjoy making, baking and eating what they or I have made, you will soon be up to Mitch standards keep going.

  22. Those Cinnamon and White Chocolate Cupcakes sound and look delicious.

  23. I am inspired to get some ingredients in

  24. Lovely to read – a good, well-balanced review & your cakes look lovely :)

  25. MyLifesChaotic

    WoW! the picture on the book cover is fantastic – such detail – this is the sort of book I love to read – all be it knowing that I would ‘never’ be able to achieve even half of the suggestions! The cupcakes are much more my level – I do like the sound of cinnamon and white chocolate though…yummy!

  26. The cupcakes look gorgeous…. and the chocolate writing kit looks like good fun.

  27. These sound lovely!

  28. as a novice baker i have been ispired to keep practising and experimenting ..Thank You!

  29. Love the review, and the fact you got favourable comments from work colleagues. Just shows that a palette knife can do the job as well as a nozzle!

  30. Wows that book looks and sounds great. Love the idea of White choc and cinnamon. Great article X

  31. Thanks Jo for reviewing this book, I know a baker who is going to loooove this :)
    Thanks again.

  32. the book looks fab! its going on my birthday list!

  33. Your review made me want to dig out all of my old cake decorating bits and bobs and go cup cake crazy…..sadly my kitchen is now so small I only have space to dectorate the odd gingerbread man with my three year old stepson

  34. I love cinnamon so might have to give these a go!
    What a lovely book!… Will you be trying any more of her recipes? Do share them if you make any! : )
    Hungry for cupcakes now!…..Oops.

  35. Helen at Casa Costello

    Great book review – I agree the front cover is stunning. The cinnamon cupcakes look lovely too!

  36. Looks like a fantastic book for a beginner like me, just what I need for some inspirational ideas.

  37. Thanks for this review. Have been thinking about buying the book, but wasn’t sure how much detail it had. Glad to hear it’s got information in about stacking. Time to head to the shops I think….. :)

  38. Samantha (@totallydot)

    Looks really good – love to make cakes for my 2 girls and need some more inspiration.

  39. A most nom-scious post : ) I enjoy baking cakes and my girlies enjoy decorating and scoffing them…

  40. Alex Outhwaite

    Yum, I might have to try some white chocolate buttercream on cupcakes. Need to get some nozzles for piping though!

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