Popstrami New York Deli Pop Up, Bournville, Birmingham

This weekend, New York came to Birmingham in the form of Popstrami, a pop up New York style Kosher deli  for one day only in Bournville. Popstrami was the idea of Nick Loman and Tom Baker. Tom is a Midlands Food Blogger and runs his own food based social enterprise called Loaf.  Nick is one of Tom’s regular customers and thought it would be fun to bring a New York deli to the West Midlands for the day. The location for it was Leverton and Halls Deli in Bournville which was decorated American style especially for the day. Lots of planning and preparation went into the event, with Tom on bread duty and Nick sorting out the meat.

Stuart and I arrived at Popstrami at 12.20pm on Sunday afternoon, just as a small queue had begun to form. We looked at the menu and let the wonderful smells entice us until Nick took our order and we went and sat in the garden. We both had salt beef on rye bread, one with mustard and sauerkraut and the other without. For drinks, I had a root beer and Stuart had Grape juice. After a short while, our sandwiches came out and we tucked in. The bread was so fresh tasting it was unbelievable. It complimented the salt beef perfectly. The mustard was not overpowering and let everything on the sandwich shine to its full potential.  The sauerkraut was an interesting contrast to the sandwich and sort of reminded me of coleslaw but without the mayonnaise. I loved it!

I should point out that although I have been to New York (one day when I was 12, on the way back from a skiing holiday) that I have never had the New York deli experience. This was my first exposure to it and I cannot wait to try it again, either here or in New York itself. As I was a bit full after the sandwich, I decided to take my dessert of vanilla cheesecake home with me. Later on that afternoon, I tucked in and it was one of the best cheesecakes I have ever had. It was thick, creamy and delicious.

When we left business was booming, with a really long queue outside the door. The event was a major success and I would like to congratulate Tom, Nick and all the team for their amazing efforts. Well done! One question, when is the next one? :-)

Giveaway Winner

Last week, it was Jo’s Kitchen’s 2nd blog birthday and to celebrate, I have decided to giveaway an exclusive Jo’s Kitchen apron.All these wonderful people took part:  Jos kitchen 2nd bday giveaway entrants and I am pleased to announce that the winner is Jenny. Congratulations! Please email me at joskitchen@hotmail.co.uk or DM via Twitter, your address details please. Thanks to everyone who took part.

Until next time,

Happy Cooking! :-)

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