Christmas Wishlist

As a self-confessed foodie, I have a pretty constant list of things I would like that would improve my cooking, baking and blogging experience. My current list is below:

  1. A Stand Mixer of some description, either KitchenAid or Kenwood
  2. A Digital SLR Camera
  3. A set of Kin Knifes
  4. A new microwave
  5. A foraging course at The Wild Garlic
  6. A bread baking and a poultry course at Loaf
  7. A set of saucepans without plastic handles
  8. More than 24 hours in a day to allow more time for work, cooking, baking and blogging!

Well, a little while ago I commented on a blog post by Rosie Scribble where a company called Appliances Online had sent her a brand new TV and if you commented on her post, they may get in contact and send you something too. At the time, my washing machine was broken so I put that in my comment. I never expected to be contacted.

However, out of the blue a week or so later, Ben from Appliances Online contacted me and said that although a washing machine was a bit beyond what they could offer me (we had a new one by then anyway), would I like something for the kitchen instead?  So, low and behold, this weekend Christmas came early and a shiny new microwave like the one below was delivered and is now in pride of place in my kitchen.

If you let me know what you would like for Christmas in the comments section, Santa may be watching and you might get an early Christmas present yourselves!!!! :-)

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16 Responses to Christmas Wishlist

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  2. Always love your posts… agree with all your wishes bar one! So ditto but please add the following instead!

    My wish for an appliance … I’d like my son to have a mixer that he can use without me. Yes, we have an electric hand mixer but it’s too heavy for him to manipulate. As it works for me, can’t justify buying one but he’d love to get a freestanding bowl/mixer combo for our baking sessions. He wants to start a Gluten Free kids cooking blog in the new year… what a great way to begin!

  3. this company is so helpful! Like you my main wish is for a Kitchenaid or other heavyweight stand mixer. I keep dithering, I want to get one, I don’t have room, I can’t afford it…

    But at heart, I still want one and I cry when I hear that people have a new bright shiny one…

    • Lynne, my reasons are the same as you as to why I have not got a stand mixer yet. I also cry when I hear people have new shiny ones. Perhaps we should start a support group for people without stand mixers :-)

      Louise, a Gluten Free kids baking blog is a fantastic idea. you have my full support and I will do all that I can to help you set it up. :-)

  4. Ooh how lucky for you! I commented on a similar kitchen gadget post somewhere saying I wished I’d been able to keep my steam oven but alas Santa hasn’t come early yet!

  5. We do use our microwave often enough to justify the space it takes up – for defrosting, for reheating leftovers, for melting chocolate…

    I don’t imagine my Appliances Onlines dreams will work – the only three things which would be super handy right now are a replacement gas hob (our ignity button has been playing up for last few years), a tall upright freezer and a decent built in electric oven that would fit exactly into the existing space in the cupboard units!

  6. PS For pans can I recommend my Meyer Anolon Commercial Clad pans… FANTASTIC!

  7. My microwave has bitten the dust :-(

    A lot of cooks slam the microwave, but it depends what it’s used for: mine is for melting butter, melting chocolate, warming small veg, reheating soups and sauces, quick defrosting… as long as it’s not the main oven in your house, I don’t see the problem. It’s an excellent time-saver.

    Mine went kaput a few weeks ago, and looks unlikely to rise from the grave.


  8. Oh Jo, lucky you!!
    I now know why we are friends, my list is identical to yours except for one. Instead of a new microwave I could do with a new cooker, mine is on it’s way out and as we only have electric fittings available, I dream of a induction hob, so I can get the control like gas without having to rebuild the house and put in gas pipes!!

    The only bright side of being made redundant is I may get number 8, that is until the baby arrives!

    enjoy your microwave, so useful for defrosting and reheating!! ;-)

  9. Wow, that’s amazing.
    Nice microwave.
    If Santa is watching, I have always wanted a food processor. :-)

  10. As a food writer, I feel that every piece of equipment in my kitchen has to earn its keep. I cannot waste space storing rarely used items and everything has to be out and t0-hand. Anything stashed at the back of a cupboard never sees the light of day. This is the reason why I don’t have a Kitchen Aid/Kenwood. Also, I probably don’t do enough baking to justify it.

    Unlike most people, I am not very fond of bright, shiny new pieces of equipment – I become irrationally attached to my trusty old and battered stalwarts and was quite sad recently, when my beloved 30+ year old Magimix finally bit the dust and had to be replaced by a bright new interloper. My electric hand whisk has seen decades of service, though I do feel slightly embarrassed by it when giving demonstrations. When I was working with James Martin recently he said it was like something from Antiques Roadshow!

    My elecric coffee grinder is equally ancient but what I do have on my wish list is an additional coffee grinder which I could use for spices – so often my coffee ends up with a curious aroma/flavour which could be cardamom or possibly juniper or cumin.

    I could possibly find space on my worktop for a compact espresso machine (but it would have to be a really good one otherwise what’s the point?) and at the moment, while my right arm is out of action follwing a nasty fall on the ice, a bread slicer would be very handy.

    I agree about the Kin Knives – I come across them frequently when working with celebrity chefs. They are very expensive and I know they are worth it but I don’t think I’ve been good enough this year to expect Father Christmas to drop one of those into my stocking.

    Talking of knives – I would love to go on a course to learn how to sharpen them, so that I could get rid of my brutal electric sharpener.


  11. Dear Santa,
    I have always loved your work. As I am a good boy, i have listed below some of the many cooking appliances that may help me become a better chef.
    1: A Food Processor
    2: A decent set of Knives (Can never find a good set that does not rust in the dishwasher)
    3: Some Le creuset pans
    4: Some matching cutlery (all mine is odd and it drives me crazy)
    5: Coffee machine (Mine is all broken and only makes weak espresso)

    Many thanks Santa. I shall be asleep when you arrive i promise

  12. Dear Santa,
    I’ve been better than I was last year….and that was not by choice. I tried to be a worse really. I’ve tried to leer at women more, be more rude, hang out in bars more, and try to drink more. It’s didn’t work out. I am sorry.
    I want the following:

    1. A Hot Tub Time Machine
    2. A potato cannon.
    3. Silverware (I’ve stolen all that I have now – thanks Ex Wife)
    4. A very rich girlfriend with low standards and poor eyesight.
    5. My own billboard at a busy intersection so I can write what I want on it.
    6. Kate Beckinsale (if you can’t find 4).
    7. Flying Lessons.
    8. Skydiving lessons (in case 7 doesn’t work).
    9. A double bladed axe.
    10. A Green Army Tank with one years supply of free gas.

    If I think of anything else I’ll be back. Oh yeah – Peace on Earth…or something close to it.

  13. Congrats on the new microwave, bet it beats our crappy little value one hands down! I don’t use it for much more than my morning porridge but wouldn’t be without it either!

    And you definitely need a free-standing mixer, I personally love my Kenwood chef, almost as much as my fiancee (shhh!), though the ma-in-law does rate her Kitchen-aid highly too!

    Borrowing from your list, I would also happily receive:
    A Digital SLR Camera
    A set of Kin Knifes (though I do rather love my new Jamie ones..)
    A foraging course at The Wild Garlic
    A bread baking and a poultry course at Loaf
    More than 24 hours in a day to allow more time for work, cooking, baking and blogging!

    Apart from that I’m pretty content, though what I want most this year is for the dr’s to make my health better again, and get back in the kitchen asap! :)

    Oh and I can also second on Meyer analon pans, mine have taking a lot of beatings over the past few years, including caramel and always come up shining :)

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