Red Risotto!

Recently, I was watching Good Food (it would be on in our house all the time, if Stuart would let me!) and I saw a Rachel Allen programme called ‘Home Cooking‘. In this programme, she made a chorizo, red wine and pea risotto. This seemed an ideal dish to me as I love red wine, chorizo and risotto and was interested to see how they would work as one dish. I used venison chorizo from Great Glen Game and it was yummy! I cannot wait to cook with it again :-)

I adapted Rachel’s recipe slightly as I can not understand why the chorizo was not cooked in the risotto from the start, therefore I added the chorizo in before the onion so that that everything could have a bit of its lovely spicy flavour. I also did not use fresh peas as they are not in season at the moment and I think they would be wasted in this dish. Frozen peas worked fine, added in near the end of cooking. Fresh peas sweet flavour would of been lost as the chorizo and the red wine overpowered it.

I absolutely loved this risotto. I prefer it to normal white wine risottos. The red wine and the chorizo gave it a real kick and the sweetness of the peas was an excellent contrast. I will definitely be making this again!

Happy Cooking! :-)

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7 Responses to Red Risotto!

  1. Your risotto looks healthy and yummy. It sounds perfect for dinner. I love Rachel Allen, too. I have to check this recipe out :)

  2. Yum, have tweeted it

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  4. Looking good! Never got round to a red wine risotto – shocking.
    Saw the title and was thinking of red rice. Thinking of a splash of port too – helps the colour as well. Venison chorizo? Got to try that.

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