English Mum’s Big Bake Off!

English Mum is having another fabulous baking competition called the Big Bake Off where you can win a hamper of fantastic goodies from Green and Black’s just for baking a cake. I entered English Mum’s last baking competition and you can see what I entered here. Yes, I entered cupcakes that looked like boobies. Oh well! You live and learn. Anyway, after my recent success with Julia Parson’s Easter Cake Bake, I decided it was time to enter again into English Mum’s competition.

This time, I have gone for pure simplicity and I give to you, my Perfect Victoria Sponge. It is perfect because it is guaranteed to be light and fluffy and it tastes great. The recipe is one I have made before and this is the fifth time, I have made it and it has never let me down. To make it slightly different, I made my own sort of jam to go in the middle. I say ‘sort of’ jam as it was just strawberries, raspberries and loganberries cooked together with sugar and water until thickened and then spooned in the middle of the cake. My work colleagues loved it  and said it tasted of summer pudding. Please have a go at making the Victoria Sponge. I would like to know if this recipe works as well for you as it does for me.

Many thanks to English Mum for hosting the competition. Good luck to all other entries.

Happy Cooking! :-)

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