Giant Cupcake Challenge

I am sure you all must think that this is turning into a cupcake blog. Well, I just want to reassure you that it’s not. I tried to do another post earlier this week, about one of my favourite meals as a child but I have been super busy and was unable to finish writing it so you will just have to wait a bit longer for that one.

Today, I would like to tell you about the challenge of Marie and I’s first paid cupcake and giant cupcake order. Yes, you heard me correctly, giant cupcake. Before we did this, I knew giant cupcakes existed (there is lots of info on the web about them) but I never ever thought I would attempt to make one. Marie and I made the cake for my work colleague, Lisa’s daughter Katie whose 10th Birthday it was and the cake was to share with all her friends and family.

As we had never attempted a giant cupcake before, I did a practice attempt a few days before. The results of which is below. The giant cupcake is effectively 4 Victoria Sponge layers put together and to make it, I used a double quantity of the Victoria Sponge recipe here. The buttercream icing quantity was 1 standard batch of icing which is 500g icing sugar to 250g of unsalted butter. I was not entirely happy with my first attempt. The cake was not as light or fluffy as I hoped but my work colleagues seemed to like it, as it was eaten very quickly. I am glad I made a practice one as it gave me a bit more confidence for the second one.

I was still a bit nervous when it came to make the real one that we were getting paid for, but I need not have worried. The sponge seemed much better this time and the buttercream icing was a much better consistency. I was not brave enough to attempt to pipe the icing on so Marie did that, as she has had much more piping practice than I have. The results were fantastic in my opinion and we just hoped that Lisa and Katie liked it too. Marie made 12 normal sized cupcakes to go with the giant one and it looked lovely with all them on the tray together. Driving the cakes to my work where Lisa was going to collect them from was one of the scariest things I have ever done. I was so concerned that the cakes were going to fall over and lose their decoration however I did manage to get them to work in one piece and Lisa and Katie loved the cakes. Marie is going to start doing more cakes from home, so if you have an event coming up and need cupcakes or a birthday cake and live within 25 miles of the Birmingham B63 postcode, please email and I will put you in contact with Marie.

Many thanks to Sarah from Blue Door Bakery for the loan of the giant cupcake tin.

Tate and Smile!

I have recently been contacted by Lisa who has sent me lots of sugar from Tate and Lyle. Tate and Lyle have a fantastic new website called Tate and Smile which has lots of great recipes and inspiration on it. They also have a Facebook group called We Love Baking which is becoming an excellent baking community so if you love baking as much as I do, you really have to join. I will be doing lots of baking with the sugar soon so stay tuned for more recipes to follow.

Many thanks to Lisa and Tate and Lyle for the sugar.

BBC Summer Good Food Show

The BBC Summer Good Food Show is currently taking place at the NEC and I will be there tomorrow, with my friends Marie and Ali. Miele have invited me to take part in Masterchef Experience, by doing the Invention Test live on stage so if you are at show, please pop along to the Masterchef stage and watch me cooking live at 10am. I am very nervous but also very excited about it. I would like to thank Roxy and Nicola from Miele for the opportunity and I will tell you all about it next week.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Happy Cooking! :-)

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4 Responses to Giant Cupcake Challenge

  1. I would love the big cucake. All the best for tomorrow!

  2. What a fabulous cupcake!

    Great to meet you Saturday, fun day all round really.


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