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As I am sure you all know by now, I like local and seasonal food and I especially like supporting local food producers. Therefore, today I  have decided to tell you about a scheme I have signed for myself that lets you support local food producers and get money off for doing it. This scheme is called Gourmet Life, which is run by James who also does the fantastic local foodie site called Eat The Midlands, which I am going to write articles for, as well as this blog and Dine With Us, which promotes great places to eat out in the Midlands.

Gourmet Life is the region’s only ‘ethical’ dining card. Helping people to support the region’s producers, by choosing to dine at  specially selected venues who must source more than 20% of their a l carte menu ingredients from across the region (within a 50 mile radius where possible). By going to these venues, and dining with them at certain  times, you can enjoy 20% off your a l carte food bill.  All you have to do is, tell the venue you have a Gourmet Life card and dine with them on a Monday to Friday, lunchtime or evening. Its as simple as that.

In addition to getting 20% off at some of the finest dining establishments in the Midlands, you also get the following additional benefits:

  • 20% off your dining bill at almost 100 of the region’s top dining venues
  • Monthly invites to gourmet nights
  • Additional discounts off meals at selected venues, up to 2 for 1 at selected venues
  • Discounted foodie events
  • Savings at Deli’s, and farm shops of 10%
  • 20% or more off overnight breaks, including Birmingham & London!
  • Exclusive tasting menus also available, specially made for you!
  • and even more benefits coming soon!

If you would like more information on this, please visit the Gourmet Life website here. If you would like to join the scheme, please email at joskitchen@hotmail.co.uk with your address and I will send you a leaflet and a free Gourmet Life Taster Card so you can try the scheme for yourself before you sign up or you can simply join up on the website here, just please say that Jo of Jo’s Kitchen sent you.

I will be back soon with another post, so until next time,

Happy Cooking! :-)

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