Spring Time Brunch

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I love this time of year. Spring is in the air with lots of blossom on the trees, daffodils are everywhere and lots of new seasonal produce starts appearing. My personal favourites for this time of year are rhubarb, purple spouting broccoli and asparagus. Last weekend, I had a bit of quiet time to myself so I decided to treat myself  to a special spring time brunch of asparagus and poached eggs.

To make this seasonal easy brunch it is so simple, its hardly a recipe.  All you need to do is take your spears of asparagus and break the ends off them (the woody end at the bottom, not the head). If you apply pressure, it will break off at the most tender point. Then taking a small knife, carefully peel away the little notches that appear all over the asparagus stalk. Some chefs use a speed peeler to do this, however in my opinion, you end up wasting too much expensive and delicious asparagus that way. Once prepared, cook the asparagus however you like, I griddled mine with salt, pepper and olive oil but you can boil or steam them until tender. Its the same with the eggs. Cook them however you like. I cheated and did my poached eggs in a microwave egg poacher but feel free to cook them the traditional way in boiling water if you prefer. Serve everything together on a plate with extra salt and pepper and a big knob of butter if you like and enjoy!

A bit of a short post today but I will be back soon with more.

Happy Cooking!   :-)

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  1. says

    never tried poaching eggs in a microwave but after the success of mine with some asparagus (see my very similar post!), it may be worth a try! Guess you can’t get better than fresh!

    don’t you just love the arrival of a new eating season!?!

    • jo6789 says

      I do love the arrival of a new eating season. Its funny how we have posted something similar at the same time :-)


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