Easter Cake Bake 2010


Happy Easter everyone. I hope you have had a lovely long weekend. I relaxed all day on Friday and most of the day on Saturday, cooked Easter lunch for six yesterday and baked a cake. Today I am relaxing again and tomorrow (I have another day off), I am going meet Louise at Cirencester Cupcakes and see her new shop, that opened last week. 

Today I would like to share with you the Easter cake I baked yesterday which is especially for Julia Parson’s, from A slice of Cherry Pie and author of a soon to be released cookbook in the same name,  Easter Cake Bake Competition. I saw the competition last year and wanted to enter it but I hadn’t been blogging very long and didn’t quite have the confidence to do it. This year I have and I decided to use my new-found cake decorating skills and have a go. 


The chocolate recipe is from Rachel Allen’s Bake book and you can find the recipe here on the Good Food Channel website. It is a recipe that I have used before that I knew would turn out well. The icing is chocolate buttercream which I used 250g butter, 400g icing sugar and 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder. I had hoped to pipe the icing on and decorate it properly but I made the icing too runny to pipe and had no more icing sugar to thicken it, so I just put it all over and in the middle of the cake. I used the flakes to made the nest and look like twigs. I think I should broken all the flakes instead of leaving some whole, and others broken. You do get an idea of the effect though. I made the chicks using ready-made coloured icing and rolling it into balls for the body and head. The feet were more balls of icing squashed flat. I used writing icing to stick everything together and make the eyes. Mini eggs were used to fill in the gaps. 

What do you think of my first Easter Cake Bake attempt? I think I can do better next year. I was cooking dinner for six at the time so I did not give all my attention to the cake, which I should have. I am keeping everything crossed and hoping I win the competition.

Comments and feedback are very welcome as always.


Happy Easter. See you again soon 

Happy Cooking! :-)

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    • jo6789 says

      Thank you Charlene, you are very sweet. Happy Easter :-)


      On 2010-04-05 17:35:12 +0100

  1. says

    Fab Cake! love the chicks. I found you via UKFBA, love your site – how have I not been here before?? :) I’ll be back! Lucie X

  2. Suz says

    Congratulations on winning Julia’s Easter cake bake. :) I love the chicks – their feet are adorable!


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