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Something Fishy in Newlyn

Good afternoon all. I hope you  had a lovely weekend. I  had a relaxing weekend to finish recovering from my two weeks away. Today I would like to tell you about my visit to Newlyn Fish Festival which was held on Bank Holiday Monday 31st August.  It is held annually to raise money for the Fisherman’s Mission which offers a 24 hour emergency support service for fisherman and their families.

We arrived at about 10.30am and the place was packed full of people. There was not quite so much fish at the festival as I was expecting. There were lots of charity stalls, craft stalls and other foodie stands. However, when we eventually found the fish stalls, we saw some of the best fish, crab, lobster and shellfish that we have seen.  There were a couple of companies that stuck out to be as the best and I would like to mention them here.

The first company is called Seafood and Eat It and was first brought to attention by an article in Olive magazine, just before I left for Cornwall. In the article, Richard and his brother, Neville are Jimmy Doherty’s food heroes for the month of October.  I was really happy to meet them, having just read about them a couple of days before. It is their crab and lobster that are above.  I purchased some white and brown crab meat from them and intend to make crab cakes with it, in a later post.

The second company that interested me was The Little Cornish Curry Company which were giving away free samples of some of the best curry I have ever tasted. I brought a Magic Mix of spices from them, that is supposed to help you make many types of curries, rice, bhaji’s and fish cakes. I have no idea what is in the magic mix, but I am making a curry tomorrow night (for recipe, see earlier post) and intend to add it to my usual recipe to see what happens. I love an experiment!

We had a fun day in Newlyn and I would urge you all to go next year. It is wonderful day out and you are helping to raise money for a fantastic cause. Also, for any GIS/mapping nerds out there, Newlyn is one of the places in the UK, where they work out the average height above sea level, which you see on  Ordnance Survey maps. I would like to visit the Newlyn Tidal Observatory to find out how they do it, but did not get chance – may be next year.


On a different subject, I mentioned that I had been given my first award for ‘Honest Scrap’ on my last post by Nora the Kitchen ‘Splorer who has since explained to me what I am supposed to do. A very big thank you Nora for the award and for your help with telling me what to do. I have to give you 7 facts about myself and pass the award on to 7 other deserving blogs. They are all deserving, in my opinion so thinking of only 7 was very hard!

7 (Foodie) Facts about Me

  1. My favourite dinner as a child was fish fingers, mashed potatoes, peas and parsley sauce.
  2. Until I went to Cornwall 2 weeks ago, I had never eaten scallops before.
  3. My favourite takeaway food is pizza.
  4. I dislike with a passion bananas and nuts.
  5. I broke my first Le Creuset  casserole pot and am now on my second one, since starting this blog.
  6. I am useless at making pastry
  7. I would like to go on the Channel 4 show ‘Come Dine with Me’ but have not plucked up the courage to enter

7 Deserving Blogs

  1. Geofooding – Karen is one of the first foodie bloggers I had ever met and she is one of the major inspirations for me starting a blog. She is lovely and always willing to help.
  2. Grubblog – Gary is great person who is  happy to help and always has a recipe to hand whenever I need one.
  3. Helen Thornber - Helen is another fantastic lady who writes almost daily after her life and thoughts. It is a joy to read.
  4. Consuming the Harvest – Kadeeae always inspires me with her weekly menu planning. I only wish I could be so organised!
  5. With Knife and Fork – who gave me loads of help when moving from Blogger to WordPress. She is always happy to chat on Twitter as well.
  6. Kitchen Delights – Margaret’s blog inspires me every time I read it. I am looking forward to meeting her next weekend too.
  7. Meet and Two Veg – Emily lives near Birmingham just like me and her blog makes me want to discover more about the local food scene. I am looking forward to meeting Emily next week too.

That’s all for now folks. One more post on Cornwall to come and a brief one about Scotland then more recipes will be returning to these pages.

Happy Cooking :-)

Foodie Fun in St Ives!


Hello everyone! I am back from my nearly three weeks off and ready to blog. We have lots of catching up to do, so stay tuned for a few posts over the next couple of weeks. To begin, I thought we could kick off with three posts about my foodie adventures in Cornwall and then one short post about my working trip to Scotland. This is post about some of foodie places I recommend in St Ives.

The first place I recommend is the Seafood Café which is so good, we went there twice. The first time we went was for a late lunch and we both had the lighter lunch option. Stuart had the squid, chorizo and olive salad and I had crab cakes with tartare sauce and salad. These were both washed down with Cornish Orchards Black and Gold Cider. It was a very enjoyable lunch.

The second time we went was for an evening meal. To begin, I had scallops, pea purée and a balsamic glaze and Stuart had King Prawn Teriyaki. Both were very yummy, however Stuart said his tasted too much of ginger. For our  main course,  Stuart had sea bream with a garlic and caper brown butter sauce and I had monkfish in a ginger and spring onion sauce. You get to choose your fish, fresh that day (or meat alternative) from the counter at the entrance to the restaurant. Veggies are catered for as well but do not expect too many choices.  For dessert, I had raspberry crème brûlée which was very yummy! Overall, I think the Seafood Café is one of the best eateries in St Ives as the service has always been excellent and the standard of the food is fantastic, with a great choice and everything is always fresh.


The second place I recommend is the Porthminster Café, which was featured in the Telegraph’s Best 50 Summer Restaurants, which brought it to my attention. If you book at this eatery you get to sit in the small inside area, however we just turned up on a whim and sat outside. It was quite a cool evening and I was very happy when a member of the waiting staff offered me a blanket. The menu is based on a tapas style and the offer is buy 4 tapas dishes to share and get free bread and balsamic vinegar/olive oil to go with. The four dishes we had were; sardines in salsa verde, sea bream with vegetables, pressed crispy pork belly with apples and celeriac and finally, lemon and fennel chicken skewers (which had too much fennel on them for our taste) with polenta and olive tapenade. To finish, I had a dessert of lemon tart and clotted cream. Overall, we think this is great little place to eat, with fantastic service, very fresh produce and fish with a slightly limited menu being the only downside.


The third place I recommend is called Alba which I have wanted to go to for ages, but whenever we have been to St Ives before, it has always been really busy. However, when we walked past this, we noticed that they did a set menu for £25 each (I think) as long as you sat down between 5.30-7pm. We went there one night after Stuart had watched the football and managed to get a table at 6pm. Stuart and I decided not to have the set menu so we had, a pork and chorizo terrine with tomato chutney and peppered tuna with shiitake mushrooms, bok choi and a balsamic glaze for our starters. Stuart had the terrine and did not enjoy it, but I did! Stuart had linguine with crab and saffron in a light and creamy sauce and I had sea bream with a cucumber dill salad with new potatoes and home-made mayonnaise. We both loved our main courses. For dessert we shared a strawberry tasting plate with strawberry sorbet, jelly, ice cream and sherbet. We enjoyed the tasting plate but thought it was weak in strawberry flavour. To wash it down, I finished with Taylor’s Vintage 1983 port which was delicious! Overall, we enjoyed this restaurant and its food. Just make sure you book or arrive early to get a table.


The final restaurant/café I would like to recommend is called Alfresco and we went there on our last night. The first thing that struck me about this restaurant is that, it is the only restaurant we went to that serves local Cornish Camel Valley wine. This gave me a good feeling about the place straight away. For starters, I had scallops with pea purée and Cornish hogs pudding and Stuart had lobster and crab tian with avocado purée and mango sorbet. Both starters were very good, but I do not really that sorbets are meant to be starters. For mains, Stuart had John Dory with lemon and dill sauce which he described as excellent. I had cod loin with a chorizo crust, basil mash and sweet and sour peppers which was way too many flavours for one plate. The cod was cooked perfectly but was lost completely with the crust and the mash. The sweet and sours peppers added nothing to the dish either, as they were only one flavour: sour. For dessert, I had a raspberry bakewell tart with clotted cream, which was yummy. Stuart had a variety of sorbets and ice creams: chocolate and chili ice cream/ginger ice cream/mango sorbet and raspberry sorbet. He thought the chocolate and chili ice cream and the raspberry sorbet were excellent but that the other two needed some work. Overall, we though this restaurant was good but needed to improve round the edges slightly.


I would like to say a big thank you to norathekitchensplorer who gave me an Honest Scrap award a while ago. It is  my first blog award and I am really chuffed! Does anyone know if or what I am supposed to do now, as I have not got a clue! Please check out Nora’s blog too- its fantastic!

This is the end of my post for today, but I shall return sometime over the weekend with another post on Cornwall describing my trip to the Newlyn Fish Festival. I also have some more local foodie places that I would like to recommend.

Hope you have a lovely weekend

Happy Cooking! :-)

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