Super Soup!

Spicy Chorizo and Pepper Soup

This month I decided I would take part in my first cookery blogging competition. I decided to take part in the No Croutons Required challenge.  The idea of the challenge is to make a soup or salad on a particular theme. This month’s theme is peppers. I love peppers but have never made a soup with them before, so after much thinking, I decided to make Spicy Chorizo and Pepper Soup.

Chorizo is another one of my favourite ingredients and I got the chorizo I used in the soup from Andrew from the Wild Food Larder (he is on twitter too – @Sarty1). He makes it himself and it was one of the best chorizo I have ever tasted. He can often be found at the Bath Farmers Market, if you want to pop along and say hi and see the other wonderful things he makes and sells. Thanks Andrew for sending the chorizo quickly. I really appreciate it.

The recipe below is entirely my own invention so I welcome comments on what you think. Please tell me if you have a go cooking it or any other recipe on this blog, my contact details are on the About page.  I appreciate all comments and other communications with my readers.

Spicy Chorizo and Pepper Soup


• 3 medium white or red onions, chopped up into chunks

• 4 bell peppers (any colour you like) chopped up into chunks

• 4 roasted pepper (from a jar or make your own)

• 3 garlic cloves, peeled and slightly crushed

• 1 medium chilli, top off with seeds removed if you prefer

• Tin of chopped tomatoes

• 1 chorizo sausage (half chopped into ½ cm rounds, other half chopped into smaller bits to be blended – 1 round cut into 4 smaller pieces )

• 250ml vegetable or chicken stock

• Big bunch of parsley, chopped finely

• Sea salt and black pepper

• Olive oil


• Put glug of olive oil into heavy based saucepan. Allow to heat up and then add chorizo rounds. Allow to fry for a minute so that there lovely red oil flavours the olive oil. Remove and put on plate and forget about them for a bit.

• Now add the chopped bits of chorizo and fry for a minute before adding onions and peppers. Add some salt to help the onions and peppers soften.

• In a small food processor or pestle and mortar, add the roasted peppers, garlic and chilli and purée or bash until thick ish paste. Add to the softened onions, peppers and the chorizo bits.

• Add tin of chopped tomatoes and stock and allow to simmer for 5 minutes until thickened slightly. Add in half your parsley and salt and pepper to taste. Purée the soup with a hand blender. Leave to cool a bit if you want or if using normal blender or food processor. Add in rest of parsley and the chorizo rounds and then serve in a big bowl with crusty bread and a glass of red wine. Enjoy!

I think I have done quite well with theme as I used three different types of peppers: chilli, bell and roasted, along with Andrew’s delicious chorizo. I have enjoyed doing my first cooking blogging competition and I intend to start taking part in many more.

Happy Cooking! :-)

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8 Responses to Super Soup!

  1. This looks yummy! I love chorizo in soup, and I also love roasted pepper soup, so win all round!

  2. This looks really really good! Very yummy! Only one thing – i would use red or yellow peppers, because green might make the soup look a little brownish – not very appetising perhaps.
    Definately one i am making this autumn, sounds very warming.

    • That is true but I don’t think yellow peppers have that much flavour in my opinion. I guess its just personal taste at the end of the day. Thank you for visiting my blog :-)

  3. Nice recipe! I love chorizo. The flavors must complement each other very well in a soup. Thanks for sharing, and good luck in the competition!

  4. Hi Jo,
    I’ve sent you a little award – go and see my blog! Also, that soup looks soooo yummy.

  5. Did you win? – it sounds nice ( I did look on No Croutons before asking, but couldn’t see, where it said who won)

    Why did you put half roasted and half not roasted peppers in – why didn’t you roast them all/not roast them all?

    • no I didn’t win. its a vegetarian comp and I didn’t notice. Must make sure I read it all next time! I put half and half of roasted/not roasted as they each bring a different dimension to the soup. I think all roasted would make the soup too sweet but both together seemed to work quite well. Try it and see it what you think. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I enjoy reading them.

      Nora, Thank you for giving me an award I am highly honoured. :-)

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