Arriba! Arriba! Foodie Adventures in Mexico – Part 1

After a few weeks away from my blog, I am now back off my holiday to Mexico and my normal blogging service shall now resume. I have missed writing my blog and am very happy that I have time again to share things with you. To begin, I thought I would do a foodie review of the hotel I stayed in Mexico and then, early next week, I will tell you about an excellent restaurant I went to. Once I have done two Mexico posts, I will start putting recipes back up again.

The hotel we stayed in was called the Grand Princess Sunset, who has a sister hotel right next to door called the Grand Princess Rivera. They are both part of the Princess Hotels chain which have hotels throughout the Spanish speaking parts of the world. The hotel was located on the Cancun side of Playa del Carmen on the Rivera Maya.

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I am not going to do a normal review for this hotel because basically it is a normal five star all inclusive hotel, which you can find all virtually everywhere. However, I am going to do a review of the food and restaurants it provides for its guests.

I will start with the two buffet restaurants, Sunset and Rivera. These restaurants were generally quite consistent in providing good food. Some of it was a bit hit and miss – I did get undercooked pork and chicken once. However, most of the time, it was very good. They made fresh pasta on demand for guests and there was also a wide variety of food available, including local Mexican Specialities (such as refried beans – which myself or Stuart did not like – they are brown, yucky and horrible, sorry Mexicans, no offence!) and other food from around the world, such as Chinese and Thai food. Overall – 4/5 on the Jo Scale (1 = bad 5 = excellent)

The hotels combined had seven restaurants between them for use by all guests. Three of the restaurants, the International, French/Swiss and the Seafood restaurants were only available to Platinum guests. We did go to the other four during our stay.

The Grill Restaurant – Had good very attentive service. My Poisson was slightly overcooked and dry. Stuart had Pork rib with chili sauce, which he liked so much, he had again when we went the second time. The chili sauce was slightly too sweet for my own personal taste. I had lamb with rosemary at the second visit, but the rosemary was only in one spot on the lamb. This is me being really picky though, as it was generally good food. Overall 4/5 on Jo Scale

The Italian Restaurant – Had good but slightly too slow service. I had the Veal Milanese on my first visit and it was one of the worst things I have ever eaten. The veal was overcooked, but breadcrumb coating was greasy and burnt. I spoke to other guests in the hotel and they had the same complaint as well. Stuart’s spaghetti with seafood sauce was excellent but there was such a big portion, it was enough for four people. I had meat cannelloni the second time, which was OK but didn’t have much taste to it. Stuart had a pizza which was yet again, OK but nothing to write home about. Overall 3/5 on the Jo Scale

The Asian Restaurant – The service was very slow and not very attentive. They poured water in Stuart’s half full wine glass, as the waiter was not paying attention. We had a late booking that may not have helped. The spring rolls for starter were good, except I didn’t know what meat they contained. I tried sushi for the first time and discovered that I really don’t like it. Its awful! The soup (can’t remember what it was called) was OK but very spicy, so it burned on the way down. Stuart’s sweet and sour pork was OK but had a soggy bread crumb coating. My steak, onions and peppers had half a bottle of dark soy sauce tipped over it and was so yucky, I could not eat it. Even the rice was badly cooked! Overall 2/5 on the Jo Scale.

The Mexican Restaurant – was overall good. The service was excellent and very attentive. However, all the food they served was exactly the same as what was in the buffet restaurants. Our meal was slightly spoiled as we went to an excellent restaurant at lunchtime (see next post) so we were quite full. Our Pumpkin Flower soup for starter, was sort of like a vegetable soup with more peppers in it, was nice but very unusual. Our Fajitas were essentially good, but very greasy and it was quite a large portion. One fajita would have been enough to feed both of us. This is me being picky again, as the food was good. Overall 4/5 on Jo Scale.

That is it for my review of the hotel restaurants. The pictures above are of me, at Chichen Itza (Mayan archaeological remains) after a tropical rainstorm had soaked us down to and including our underwear! It was not nice, I will never complain about British weather again! The second photo is of a member of the hotel staff flaming a liqueur to go into a foamed coffee in a posh glass with a cherry on top. I had one and they were good but very strong with the alcohol. I went to bed very early that night!

On a completely different note, I am now writing my blog based on the writing rules and blog tips from the Elisabeth Winkler and her blog, Real Food Lover. I would like to thank her for her tips and rules, as I am still very new to the foodie blogging world and they have helped a lot. I recommend them to anyone new to blogging. I am also now a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher which is an excellent way for new foodie bloggers like me to encourage people to visit their blog. The UK Food Bloggers Association and The Foodie Blogroll have helped in bringing people to visit my site. I am making many friends too, which is a massive bonus!

That’s all for now folks!

See you next week

Happy Cooking!

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  1. realfoodlover says

    Hi Jo. I am absolutely thrilled to get a credit for my Blog Tips and Winkler's Writing Rules! Thank you.

    Mexico sounds amazing. Carry on blogging!


  2. Jo Dyson says

    Hi Elisabeth,

    Thanks again for tips and rules. I am happy you like my blog. Mexico was fantastic.

    Thanks for your encouragement


  3. says

    I went to Mexico last year (also stayed on riv maya) and loved it! Will definately head back some day soon!

    I fondly remember the sudden rain showers which soak you to the bone…! Got drenched several times! We did do Chichen Itza but whilst it was luckily dry, the heat took our breath away and only managed to climb about 15 metres!! After that we gave up, found a bar and drank ice cold coronas until the coach came back! :)

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