BBC Summer Good Food Show

This weekend it was the BBC Summer Good Food Show at the NEC. It was my first time at the summer version of the popular food show. I took my friend Marie with me who had never been before. We were walking round at the start of show, when it was quiet and we bumped into Simon Rimmer from Something for the Weekend show. It is shown on a Sunday morning on BBC 2. I attempted to take a photo of him while he was filming but he kept moving. I was just about to give up when he came over and grabbed me and told Marie to take the photo. I was very shocked and he disappeared pretty much as fast as he came over. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Simon for having his photo taken with me. It is much appreciated. I have sent the photo into Something for the Weekend, so you never know I may make my way onto the famous fridge during the show.

Marie and I went to see the Hairy Bikers in the Summer Kitchen. They did demo’s of two fish recipes and an Irish Whiskey Syllabub from their new show which is starting in the Autumn. I may give one of the fish recipes a go in a later blog post. At the show, I brought some fresh or wet garlic from the show which I have never used before. I will use some of it to make garlic bread later this week.

There are a few companies that I discovered at the show which I would like to recommend to you. They are

  • Spice-N-Tice who make very tasty easy to use spice mixes for you to make amazing Indian, Chinese and Mexican dishes at home. I have used their spice mixes before and they are fantastic. Please give them a go.
  • Bocaddon Farm who have wonderful veal and make excellent fresh cheeses. I recommend you give their products a try. The garlic and herb cheese is to die for!
  • Lime Tree Pantry simply the best pies in the world ever!
  • Gourmet Chocolate Pizza a takeaway pizza with a difference – chocolate! Ideal unusual present for anyone who likes chocolate and pizza (me!)

That is my short review of the show. Sorry I haven’t posted much recently. Have been very busy with an archaeological dig at work and am off on my holiday next week, but normal service will resume after that.

See you soon

Happy Cooking!

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  1. non-spotter says

    Sy and Dave! They are my new food heroes. When Jennifer was still alive it was Fat Ladies all the way, but since her passing, i prefer my Hairy Bikers. I cannot believe you have seen them up close and personal! That must have been so great, i love Dave, he is so funny.
    Simon looks handsome, well, he is, so that is not all too difficult :)
    I am flying onto London July 27th, so perhaps i can catch the show somewhere. Hmm, sounds like a plan. I am looking into it!

  2. Jo Dyson says

    The hairy bikers are great. I love them too. The show was only on for five days but you might be able to catch them somewhere else. Google it, you never know. Sorry for the delay in reply. I have been on holiday. Thank you for your comment.

  3. realfoodlover says

    Hi Jo, thanks for commenting on my blog. That is a great header pic you have there. I will follow you on Twitter. Do you Twitter from your mobile phone? You will find your addiction increases in severity! Thanks for passing on the names of food companies you like from the BBC Good Food Show – that is always interesting.

    And may the TV fridge opens its famous door for you!

  4. Jo Dyson says

    I use Tweetie on my iphone so I twitter nearly all the time. I love your blog rules and tips. I am writing the next post tomorrow so will follow them. I will credit you in the post. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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